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  • 'Naam Shabana' - Movie Review

    'Naam Shabana' has evidently been spun off from the introductory scene of the character Shabana (Taapsee Pannu), who enters rather late into Neeraj Pandey's 'Baby' (2015), looking quiet and submissive, dressed in salwar kameez, and suddenly transforms herself to take on baddies with her martial arts moves. That scene worked. This film doesn't. Find out why

  • 'Poorna' - Movie Review

    'Poorna' is a film that checks all the boxes so far as the running box-office formula is concerned. Yes, it's a sports film. Yeah, it is a biopic. Sure, it is female-centric, and about gender empowerment. And while relatively low-budget, no doubt, it is cinematic enough, given that the camera really travels from Telangana, Darjeeling, to the supposed heights of the Himalayas

  • 'Phillauri'- Movie Review

    Newbie director Anshai Lal attempts a heady mix, but manages to whip up only a dodgy screenplay. The narrative is refreshingly written, brimming with breezy humour. But it is ironic that the haunting spirit is lacking, both metaphorically and literally

  • Film Review: Who entertains better, 'Phillauri' or 'Anarkali Of Arrah'

    Anushka Sharma- Diljit Dosanjh’s Phillauri and Swara Bhaskar’s Anarkali Of Arrah clash at the box office today. Which one is entertaining and which one is not? To find out, watch this film review.

  • Here's why Swara wants boys to watch Anarkali Of Arrah

    Swara Bhaskar’s film Anarkali Of Arrah has released. What is films particular point that Swara wants to highlight to the people in the society. find out from Swara only on ‘Sitaaron Ki Baat Sitaaron Ke Saath’

  • 'Anaarkali of Aarah' - Movie Review

    This is feisty Swara Bhaskar, simultaneously submissive and full of desi swag -- her gait, expressions, and accent absolutely spot-on. She floors you with her subtle moves. As does 'Anaarkali of Aarah', for the most part. It's hard to come across a performance so gut-wrenchingly real

  • 'Life' - Movie Review

    What would happen if scientists on an International Space Station (ISS) find life forms in Mars' soil Samples? Director Daniel Espinosa sets out to educate us on that

  • 'Chips' - Movie Review

    This action-comedy reboot of the original Larry Wilcox/Erik Estrada TV series, basically mish-mashes buddy movie clichés to such an extent that they lose whatever little charm they may have had in the first place

  • Exclusive: When Swara made Sonam cry

    What happened when Sonam Kapoor watched Anaarkali Of Aarah? In this exclusive interview to us Swara Bhaskar shares some interesting things about her film

  • 'Aa Gaya Hero' - Movie review

    Govinda-starrer, 'Aa Gaya Hero', is a 123-minute poorly assembled, ill-conceived showcase of an ageing superstar trying to resurrect his career is nothing short of a vanity fare

  • Here's why would you be interested in 'Trapped' Rajkumar's struggle

    Would giving Trapped a miss be a wrong decision? What is so special about Vikramaditya Motwani’s latest directorial venture and Rajkumar Rao starrer Trapped? Watch the film review to find out

  • 'Before I Fall' - Movie Review

    The film, like in the book, glories in explicitly iffy teen behavior – wild partying, sex, verbal and physically abusive bullying, disrespect to elders and lying. And it takes a while before it can do right

  • 'Machine' - Movie Review

    This is the kind of film that makes you wonder, "What was on the makers' minds when they thought of it?" The type when the audience laughs in sheer disbelief. It has turned out to be a heartless effort. High on style, low in substance, no troubleshooting can help this 'Machine'

  • Exclusive: What made Rajkumar shed his blood for Trapped?

    Why did Rajkumar cut his finger? To what extent did Rajkumar Rao go to make his Trapped character look real? In an exclusive interview to us, Rajkumar talks about his efforts he made for his film

  • Trapped: Rajkummar Rao on his unbelievable diet regime

    During the making of ‘Trapped’, actor Rajkummar Rao survived on barely two food products. To find out his diet regimen while shooting for the film, watch our exclusive video.

  • 'Beauty and the Beast' - Movie Review

    This latest rendition of the all-time children's classic fairytale 'Beauty and the Beast' is a trip fantastic and it beats all the versions that have come before it, in terms of creative flair, cinematic essence, musical highs and digital magic

  • 'Trapped' - Movie Review

    Don't miss this! That 'Trapped' manages to grippingly hold your attention with such an underwhelming setting is an achievement in itself. That it could invade your senses makes it worth every minute, without any break, in the theatre

  • Exclusive: Which actor does Poonam want to play dirty Holi with?

    Poonam Pandey celebrated Holi with us and revealed how naughty she tends to get on Holi. Watch this exclusive interview for more scoop

  • Holi special featuring Kangana, Shahid, Esha and many Bollywood stars

    Bollywood stars share their happiness and wishes on Holi. Watch this special video.

  • By which nickname would the Indian cricket team would address Geeta Basra, before marriage

    Were Indian cricket team players aware of Geeta Basra and Harbhajan Singh’s love affair? What does Geeta want to learn from Harbhajan? On her birthday, get to know about unknown details of Geeta Basra’s life before marriage.