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  • Owl or lark? Make the right call

    If you are a morning person, you just might take shortcuts at night. A new study on the relationship between ethical decision-making and chronotype (time when individuals are alert) indicates that early-rising people are more ethical in the morning and night owls at night

  • Mumbai architect's French connection

    After designing the Christian Louboutin store in Horniman Circle, Mumbai-based architect Rooshad Shroff was invited to work on the French footwear designer's Bangkok store, too. The Harvard graduate talks about these projects and how he added an Indian touch to both projects

  • Delhi's Guppy pops up in Mumbai

    After the success of the pop-up of Goan restaurant Thalassa, Olive will now host Japanese restaurant Guppy By Ai from Delhi

  • Meet the lady of the rings

    Merging the personal relationship of a piece of jewellery to its public purpose of adornment, Esther Brinkmann showcases her unusual jewellery pieces in the exhibition, Renewable Pleasures: The Indian Chapter

  • Real-life rail stories

    From the story of a 70-year-old who visited a railway station as a toddler to catch a glimpse of Mahatma Gandhi few days before he was shot at, to a hilarious tale of a tourist with a fellow Indian passenger who tried hard to befriend him and in turn kept getting them both in trouble — Railonama is a Pandora’s box of eclectic rail travel experiences

  • Neon confusion at Rude Lounge

    Rude Lounge is the newest entrant that tries to woo tipplers from Mulund and Thane. But does it manage to stir things up?

  • Celebrate this Eid with a royal feast

    Chef Mukhtar Qureshi prepares a 17-dish Shahi Dastarkhwan on the occasion of Eid, a lavish feast fit for royalty

  • Support for India's crafts

    We all know about the richness of Indian arts and crafts and the inexplicable talent of our artisans

  • A Michelin star food delivery service at Bandra

    Catering to 'yummy food' cravings is a new delivery service in Bandra called 8

  • Tiptoeing through All India Radio's sound archives

    July 23, 1927 was a red-letter day for Indian radio, when the Indian Broadcasting Company was inaugurated at Mumbai’s Radio Club. 87 years later, the guide walks through All India Radio's sound archives in Churchgate

  • Not an object of desire

    Radhika Khimji has created a series of installations, drawings and multimedia artworks that desexualise the female body. Her solo exhibition, Artefacts from Below, is the first in Mumbai

  • A match made in fashion heaven

    Indian textiles, funky prints and employment of local craftsmen. There’s nothing to not like about this new fashion label, Jodi

  • New book on delicacies from Kutchi Memon cuisine

    As Ramzan Id draws near, explore an untapped cuisine in Husna Rahaman's title, Spice Sorcery that offers fascinating insight into the culture and lesser-known recipes of the Kutchi Memon community. Excerpts from an interview with the author

  • Mumbai boy to represent India at Mr Gay World

    Sushant Divigikar, a known VJ had been hailed as Mr Gay India 2014, earlier this year

  • Wishing it quaint

    There is something about storage boxes, quaint vintage bird cages and the dainty shades of baby blue and pink that tickles the feminine part of us

  • Wish to run with Milind Soman?

    The champion runner has come on board for a new online show, India Running with Milind Soman, which will be India’s first official YouTube channel for runners in India

  • Why Sikkim is the ideal getaway for long weekends

    On her visit to Baiguney in West Sikkim Dhara Vora discovered how the tiny state, with its stunning, varied topography, offers an incredible itinerary for the solace-seeker

  • Mumbai for kids: Nehru Science Centre in Worli

    When I research, it shows that the Nehru Science Centre (NSC) has been open to the public from 1985

  • Review: The Corpse Exhibition and Other Stories

    This book makes an excellent case for those who fail to evaluate the role of a translator when it comes to literary criticism

  • Savour authentic Bengali food at this Powai eatery

    This monsoon, satiate your tastebuds with authentic cutlets, fish and preparations, Kolkata-style, courtesy Cafe Boda at Powai

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