mumbai guide

  • No censors for Manto

    The common man’s woes or the film industry's hypocrisy Saadat Hasan Manto said it like it is and theatrewallahs today continue to stage his powerful short stories

  • Restaurant review: Bandra gets another Thai eatery

    Eat Thai, Bandra's new Thai eatery needs to sort a few problems out if they wish to do justice to their steep pricing

  • Do not aspire to become a celebrity trainer: Kaizzad Capadia

    K11 fitness academy founder and instructor Kaizzad Capadia speaks of his vocation

  • Mr Idiot and his theories

    From jackets printed with cutting chai cups to stationery doodled with Mumbai’s skyline, Aram Nagar’s new store, Idiot Theory will engage those who wish to quirk up their style

  • For the fans of Fifty Shades Of Grey

    Touted by many as the hottest film of 2015 — Fifty Shades of Grey — slated for a release near Valentine’s Day — has another treat for its fans

  • The founder of Zumba comes to Mumbai

    Beto Perez, founder of the popular dance-based exercise routine Zumba, will be in the city to host India’s largest Zumba workshop on February 1. The 45-year-old fitness expert talks about this exercise in disguise

  • Tell me a story

    UK’s Godfrey Duncan tells stories from around the globe making the lives of people, places and time come alive with his unusual narrative and music

  • Food special: Soak in the aromas of Awadhi cuisine

    Authors Adil I Ahmad and Salma Husain take you on a gastronomical walk through the royal kitchens and the street food stalls of Lucknow in two different books. the guide savours the joyride

  • Go and do

    8 am Get into patriotic spirit this Republic Day with a cycling tour offered by Raconteur Walks

  • Fashion special: Dressing up Michelle Obama, the First Lady of style

    For the Obamas' forthcoming visit to our country, we quiz fashion designers and stylists on how, if given a chance, would they prefer to drape First Lady Michelle Obama during her trip.

  • Why you should stick to vegetarian fare at this Lower Parel eatery

    Lower Parel's Crystal recently added a non-vegetarian section to its menu, but like most of its neighbours on the block, struggles to offer a tasty fare

  • A voice of dissent

    Night’s End not only voices concern on policies that are harmful to nature and freedom of expression, but also stresses on how we neglect the little joys of life

  • The portrait of a plant

    Check out fascinating magnified plant portraits by an iconic German photographer in an exhibition, titled Karl Blossfeldt — Art Forms in Nature

  • Mumbai gig guide: Catch performances by G.A.D, Akanksha Krishnani and others

    Dance to deep, dark and groovy melodies by Nishant Gadhok aka G.A.D and DJ/producer Ankit, plus more...

  • Travel special: Pet-friendly holiday destinations

    Love to escape the city buzz every weekend, but it breaks your heart to leave your pooch behind? The guide lists a range of getaways that host your furry friends as well. Do we hear woofs of joy?

  • Made for the special footed

    Have size issues while buying footwear? Two new e-retail stores will help those with extra big and extra small sizes

  • An eye in the sky

    From UFO sightings across the world to the controversial phenomenon of alien abduction, get your dose of alien talk with astrobiologist Pushkar Ganesh Vaidya, this Sunday

  • A new culture hub for Mumbai

    From vintage cars, the best of Indian and World cinema to appreciation of fine arts, engage yourself with Osianama, a cultural centre that opens in the city

  • App review: Boda - Customised wedding app

    Boda, a customised wedding app, offers a platform to interact, download photos, keep track of itineraries, and much more 

  • New Andheri eatery offers an interesting mix of various cuisines

    The newly-opened eatery offers good food but the cocktails leave a lot to be desired