mumbai guide

  • Dr L Subramaniam, Kavita Krishnamurthy on music and more

    Dr L Subramaniam and Kavita Krishnamurthy open up about their long-term musical partnership, touring for concerts with family and collaborating for the upcoming film, 'Gour Hari Dastaan'

  • Mumbai's Potterheads pick their favourite Harry Potter book

    On JK Rowling’s 50th birthday, we subject Potterheads to the daunting task of having to choose their favourite Harry Potter book from the series

  • Mumbai gig guide: Disco at Cafe Nemo

    9.30 pm onwards: Gear up for an evening of Techno and Nu Disco with Sleepwalker and 1980’s retro  inspired Disco/Funk tunes from AlgoRhythm

  • Chef Rungtiwa Sorlae on JW Cafe's Thai street food festival

    The mention of Thai street food conjures up imagery of savoury and tangy delights, and who better than a Thai chef to roll out the fare. As JW Café hosts a Thai street food festival, we speak with Chef Rungtiwa Sorlae about the real deal

  • Reflections from Marathi theatre

    The 6th edition of Pratibimb Marathi Natya Utsav, a five-day festival, begins this Saturday, and will showcase seven plays from Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur

  • Food diaries with Kunal Vijayakar

    From his culinary finds in Fort Kochi to a ‘wild’ encounter in Kurseong, discerning foodie, Kunal Vijayakar’s travel diaries are bound to be packed with aromas, served up in his inimitable witty style

  • When women control the canvas

    As The Loft gallery celebrates its seventh anniversary, drop by Memoir, an exhibition that brings together nine women artists who’ve created artworks drawing from their personal experiences, where each tells an intimate tale

  • Mumbai for kids: Born To Move Gym in Khar

    The sprawling room with its bay windows makes you want to look out and enjoy the view

  • How two Europeans are travelling the world without a smartphone

    Bulgarian Boris Kanev and Spaniard Marta Samalea, along with Burma, their hitchhiking cat, have been on the road across Asia since October 2013. Recently, they reached India, and all of this, without a smartphone

  • Two screenings to catch

    This is a special series of documentaries that explores some of the most popular paintings in the history of art

  • Board the story train

    Is your child ten or younger, and loves the sight of a storybook

  • Through the lens of the visually impaired: An eye for detail

    What’s common between a 29-year-old professional sitar player, an employee at an IT firm and a solicitor

  • New Phoenix Marketcity bar offers a wide range of cocktails

    Kurla’s newest entrant, Asia Bar, offers a wide alcohol menu topped with quick service, but the kitchen needs inspiration to size up against competitio

  • Bangarang hitmaker Skrillex to tour India

    Indian Electronic music fans have been lucky enough to witness concerts by several massive names of the industry

  • A handy guide for leaders

    It is very important, when you are a leader, to promise those who follow you all manner of things you are going to do for them

  • Treasure trail at the museum

    Cutesy craft kits by NGOs and a focus on Mumbai at the Museum Shop inside the Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum makes it well worth a visit

  • Poker-face champ

    Master poker player, Aditya Agarwal, who recently became the first Indian to be in top 1% of World Series of Poker, shares insider tricks to help amateur poker players ace the game

  • 'Mumbai must reconnect with its Art Deco buildings'

    Some of Mumbai’s best-loved Art Deco façades have been recreated for an exhibition — Deco on the Oval — by students of Sir JJ School of Architecture along with professor Mustansir Dalvi

  • Health Special: How to go vegan in Mumbai

    With an increase in online shopping options and home chefs whipping up vegan-only delicacies, followers of a vegan lifestyle have a lot to rejoice. We share excerpts from the daily diaries of two Mumbai vegans

  • Food: How to choose Sake and best places to buy it in Mumbai

    As Yuuka hosts a Sushi Sashimi and Sake festival, chef Ting Yen shares tips on how to sip on this Japanese rice wine. Plus, we tell you where to get heady with the best Sake picks in town