mumbai guide

  • Art for all

    In the concluding piece of the two-part series on art in the city, Soma Das speaks to collectors, online retailers and gallery owners to gauge the rising interest in art among the masses

  • A weekend with the masters

    Lit-o-Fest is a new literary event in the city offering a platform to budding authors to meet, interact and learn from the masters of Indian literature

  • Food special: Binge on traditional Bihari cuisine

    From ghee-soaked Litti to coriander fritters and yam chutney, here’s all you need to know about Bihari cuisine, as Mumbai hosts its first ever pop-up from the state

  • Sax and the city

    Three questions with Gianni Denitto, Italian saxophone artiste

  • Indulge in a Latino culinary joyride at this Bandra restaurant

    With a few unusual flavours and dishes on the menu and an ambiance that is lively yet cosy, Asado comes across like a fresh experience that sets it apart from usual fare

  • Bollywood actress Dia Mirza's Hyderabad travelogue

    From its vibrant local bazaars to its mesmeric dargahs and buzzing food scene, Hyderabad has something for every traveller. In our new section, My Hometown, where celebrities share about the place they call home, actress and social activist, Dia Mirza takes us through this heady maze

  • Fight like a Japanese Sumo wrestler

    Fulfil your dream of fighting like Sumo wrestlers at the Sumo Mania arena, organised as part of an annual college festival, Space 2015

  • Artworks at Emerge Music and Art Festival

    The first edition of the day-long Emerge Music and Art Festival, slated to take place in Delhi and Bangalore, features headlining acts like Grammy-Award nominated Alt- J, BRIT Award winner Rudimental (DJ set), and hang-drum player Daniel Waples featuring The Petebox

  • World Cup fashion special: And the style awards go to...

    The Indian cricket team seems to be winning the fashion stakes with several designers picking the team India jersey as their favourite in this World Cup

  • Why this Lower Parel restaurant will thrill vegetarians

    With its versatile Mediterranean fusion menu and traditional fare served with a twist, Lower Parel's Ithaka is a vegetarian's delight

  • Design your own mobile case

    We put a lot of thought in buying a mobile phone. There are so many things that go into consideration: screen size, RAM, storage capacity, pixel density, procesor, after sales service, accessories, battery power, looks, cost, etc

  • Get pizza-by-the-slice at competent prices in Bandra

    It might have a name that could belong to an upstart band but Heartbakers and the Pizza Guy makes for the perfect pit stop in Bandra to savour homemade pizza-by-the-slice at competent prices

  • Fun in the sun

    Ready to hit the beach this summer? Here are some trends to pack in your suitcase, hot off the runway from the just-concluded India Beach Fashion Week

  • Recipes from the kitchens of northeast India

    The award-winning title, The Seven Sisters — Kitchen Tales from the North East, offers ample insight into the culinary traditions of this region, using recipes, anecdotes and much more

  • All about body movement

    Fitness therapist, Neeraj Mehta will be conducting a special masterclass on the role of movement and body mechanics in exercise

  • When Jazz hit Mumbai

    The play, Bombay Jazz  takes you back to the swinging city of the 1950s, 60s and 70s, where Hindi film music was largely influenced by Western music

  • Hip Lower Parel canteen offers offbeat menu, good ambiance

    With an innovative menu that rejigs typical Indian fare (with a few passable downers) and a cool ambiance, Lower Parel’s The Bombay Canteen, won our hearts

  • Of Tibetan chants and daily life

    Daily conversations juxtaposed with vocal techniques will form part of artiste Jyoti Dogra’s solo act, Notes On Chai

  • Now, a new dating app for singles

    Matchbot is a new dating app that brings singletons in the city together based on an algorithm and manual selection

  • For women, by women

    Celebrate different aspects of womanhood with a musical tribute by Sakhi, an all-women Indian Classical band that makes its debut in the city this Saturday