mumbai guide

  • Health special: Get rid of the pest!

    In view of the recent findings by Greenpeace India, whose reports suggest that packaged tea contains pesticides, the guide speaks to nutritionists to find ways to protect oneself

  • Manish Malhotra goes grey

    Back for the fourth time, the upcoming fashion week’s grand finale designer, Manish Malhotra, spills the beans about his new collection and all things fashion

  • A play within a play

    Theatre enthusiasts should watch Kaumudi, a play that questions the existence of the medium while removing the layers of an estranged father-son relationship

  • What's so special about this photograph?

    A new book, Historic Temples in Pakistan by Reema Abbasi, presents spiritual myths and urban legends that are a window into the syncretic past of the undivided subcontinent

  • Mumbai restaurant review: A new secretive bar in Lower Parel

    Lower Parel's newest secret bar, Please Don't Tell, offers good but expensive bite and drink options

  • Sylvester Stallone can still pack a punch at 68

    At 68, Sylvester Stallone aka Sly, has proven once again that age is not a barrier to maintain a muscular look. The Hollywood superstar is set for a big screen return with 'The Expendables 3', and shares his four-week fitness regime that helped him get the tough guy look

  • Lakme Fashion Week curtain-raiser

    Glitz, glamour and glitterati — all of this and more will be on display at the new season of Mumbai's Lakme Fashion Week extravaganza, which kicks off on Tuesday

  • Now, learn how to manage the stage

    Learn from theatre stalwarts like Sanjna Kapoor and Sunil Shanbag, who will conduct SMART — a management course that looks at making theatre practices sustainable

  • World Photography Day: It's alive and clicking!

    On World Photography Day today, we look at the current obsession that Mumbai folk have with digital SLR cameras and how photography today is more than just an expensive hobby

  • Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage

    Haruki Murakami's latest title opens to the English-reading world today with The Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki

  • Get alive with the music

    A quarterly initiative, Live Music Live Campaign, will kick off with live performances that will showcase the versatility of Indian Classical music and its ability to infuse with global sounds

  • Life, as they live it: Faces of Jammu & Kashmir

    Photographer Kunal Kelkar's project, Faces of Jammu & Kashmir, aims at capturing diverse expressions of people from the strife-torn state to show that there is more to their lives than just conflict

  • Parsi New Year special: Cooking eggs the Parsi way

    There is no other ethnicity that can crack and cook an egg (eedu) as a Parsi does. From boiled to coating lady fingers with eggs, and even breaking the shell as an offering to evil forces, Kanika Sharma finds out why and how the Parsis fell in love with the eedu

  • History, and drama too!

    It has been a while since we wished to be a kid all over again. Not to get away from the prying questions about 'your future' from inquisitive uncles but to benefit from eye-catching, engaging titles that flood bookshelves

  • What's cooking in the Parsi kitchen?

    The main ingredient of Parsi cuisine is love. On the eve of Parsi New Year, Phorum Dalal scours family recipes, masala dabbas and rich culinary history that give the food a perfect balance of sweet and sour 

  • There's more to that menu!

    Menus aren't just carriers of dish names but more, as Brian Wansink, a Cornell University psychologist who studies eating behaviour, discovered in his new paper. He says that often, menus trick us into ordering food that we might not have really wanted. Intrigued, the guide chatted up with city restaurateurs and menu designers to find out the real deal

  • The real video star

    Popular and iconic DVD lending library, Shemaroo library will be shutting shop by the end of 2014. We speak to a few die-hard patrons on what this means for movie buffs in Mumbai

  • Hot food on a rocky ride

    Hot Rocks BBQ is a unique home delivery service that is open till the wee hours of the morning. The concept is a winner, but has the joint bitten off more than it can chew?

  • Shakespeare in fast forward

    Now, you can familiarise yourself with the works of famous English playwright William Shakespeare within 97 minutes when three stand-up artistes will perform The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) in Mumbai tomorrow

  • Soul-searching in the rains

    A jamming session between two friends led to the formation of Bangalore-based band Parvaaz. Now, they are ready for the next level with their debut album, Baran