mumbai guide

  • Tech special: Not sure which powerbank to opt for? Read on

    Want to stay connected with your gadgets no matter where you are? Then heare are six power bank options to choose from

  • 9 parts that make a whole

    The play, 9 Parts of Desire, a mono act, performed by Ira Dubey and directed by Lillete Dubey, details the lives of nine Iraqi women during the Gulf Wars

  • Travel special: Visit Amboli for a croaking experience

    This season, soak in the misty weather and the mystic forests of Amboli, a rare biodiversity hotspot tucked in the southernmost tip of Maharashtra that is home to exotic species of frogs, crabs and other reptiles

  • This new all-day cafe bar in Bandra is a must visit

    With a relaxed, spacious vibe and tasty fusion fare, Community is every gourmand's delight, if you have deep pockets, that is. The space will also double up as a platform for pop-ups

  • Take the ayurveda route to good health

    While the Kerala government woos global clientele by appointing tennis great Steffi Graf as the ayurveda ambassador for their state, two city stores - Kama Ayurveda and Bipha Ayurveda — help you explore its goodness

  • Tips to plan the perfect monsoon wedding

    If your wedding is scheduled in Mumbai, in the next three months, while the rain gods play truant, don’t panic. We tell you how to plan the perfect wedding when the heavens open

  • Renowned chefs share their health and diet mantras

    Food is their passion. Their job demands having to whip up appetising dishes every day. Surrounded by all kinds of temptations, how do they stay in shape? We invite few chefs to share their health, diet secrets

  • Art for reform

    Art director Ratno Rudro is helping rehabilitate adolescent inmates at Tihar Jail to become self sufficient with visual art classes. Meanwhile, Morning Raga sessions are having a positive effect on convicted prisoners

  • Listen to Mumbai

    Delhiite Tapan Babbar has created a website, Sounds of Mumbai that lets us experience high-quality recording of street sounds from our buzzing metropolis and compels us to cherish our city in a different, sonic avatar

  • Enjoy Ramazan food from the comfort of your home

    This year, skip the Mohammad Ali Road trail, and indulge in appetising Ramazan fare from the comfort of your home with Delhi Zaika's Special Iftar Gift Box

  • A scenic pilgrimage

    Sign up for the 10-day Ladakh landscape photography tour to experience new genres of photography and sharpen your skills amidst stunning locations

  • There's a crowd behind this book

    Crowdfunding is emerging as a refreshing route for small, independent publishing houses in India. Smarter logistics, unpredictable markets and an open-minded reader is making this attempt worth their while.

  • Visit one of the lesser-known fountains in Mumbai

    Surrounded by architectural marvels such as the Maharashtra Police Headquarters (earlier Royal Alfred Sailor’s Home), Regal Cinema and the National Gallery of Modern Art building, is the Wellington Fountain

  • Restaurant review: This Mulund eatery needs a courtesy check

    The Laughter Chapter, a new quick-bite eatery in Mulund offers good food, but the service needs a courtesy check

  • Mobile App: Good news for the daily commuter

    Transitpedia is an amazing app that combines various modes of transport to offer a unified solution for travelling across Mumbai

  • Mumbai on a sari

    Designer Anavila Misra's exclusive collection for fashion and lifestyle store Bungalow 8 is an ode to Mumbai's architectural styles

  • Head to Pakora and Chai festival at Tea Trails

    We love eating fried food throughout the year, but monsoon adds another dimension to this craving. If your mouth is watering at this thought, head to the Pakora and Chai festival at Tea Trails where you can enjoy six types of pakoras and various tea brews

  • The Mumbai monsoon breakfast trail - II

    From sweet waffles and smoked salmon bagels to Ayurvedic oat porridge, begin your mornings on a happy and wholesome note with these new-age breakfast options.

  • 'There is never a dull concert in Mumbai'

    Chennai-based violinist Karthick Iyer and his band, Karthick Iyer Live believe they are on the threshold of a new genre, called IndoSoul, evolved from Classical Carnatic as well as global music influences

  • Tuck into Khasi and Malwa specialties at these pop-up lunches

    This Sunday, tuck into two unique pop-up lunches, where you can either savour dishes like Gulab Ki Kheer, a dessert made from rose petals or try Tungtap, a fermented fish chutney, among other fare