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  • Mumbai gig guide

    A happy Friday

  • Tagore's tunes for Mumbai

    Srijon, a school dedicated to teaching Rabindra Sangeet in the city, is completing four years on August 3

  • Marathi music is not alien to me: Lesle Lewis

    Composer Lesle Lewis is thrilled about his musical venture where he has combined Western Classical music with Lejim, Bossanova and Lavani as well as composed a Rock ballad for Marathi film, Poshter Boyz

  • The cost of being an expat in Mumbai

    As per the recent Mercer's 2014 "Cost of Living Rankings" survey, Mumbai tops the list of being the costliest city in the country for expats. Kanika Sharma quizzes a wide spectrum of non-Indians to gauge if they can feel the pinch in their pockets

  • Popular South Mumbai restaurant comes to the suburbs

    The much-loved South Mumbai landmark Joss will re-open in the suburbs. But the restaurant has changed more than its location, as its menu will now take on a surprising, multi-sensory approach to dining

  • Fashion meets art at Mumbai event

    In an Artist's Mind is an art show curated by Reshma Jani and Shwetaambari Soni of Gallerie Angel Arts

  • Colours in the rain

    I  doubt that anybody in the muddy weather of the city would not be tempted to add a splash of colour to their umbrellas

  • Life and times of Astad Deboo

    Listen to the legendary Astad Deboo as he shares his journey of finding his feet in Indian contemporary dance through Kathak and Kathakali at this week's Mumbai Local session

  • Travel special: Experience the other Goa

    This Independence Day weekend, experience another side of Goa while enjoying white water rafting, cooking and unwinding at a heritage hotel

  • Time travel with the Chalukyas

    Explore the magnificence and beauty of the Early Chalukya temples, spread across Badami and its surrounding areas, courtesy a new title, Temple Architecture and Art of the Early Chalukyas

  • Mumbai for kids: Karnala Bird Sanctuary

    For many parents, the monsoon means looking for indoor entertainment. But for some it means an opening of the glorious outdoors

  • Front row access to the best Marathi plays

    The annual Marathi theatre festival at NCPA starts this Friday. While your tickets for Aaydaan should be booked right now, the other six shouldn’t be missed, be it for their strong themes or promising talent

  • Architect captures Bandra in a few strokes

    Architect Savio Lobo's title, Bandra By Hand, pays a unique tribute to the suburb. By using line drawings, he defines the area's rich, diverse character, from its Portuguese-styled villas and churches to its schools and other charming sites

  • Indulge in mouth-watering waffles at this Andheri eatery

    What is it about rains that the tastebuds get extra sensitive and all we can think of, all day, is about bhajiyas and chutney, or a generous dose of liquid chocolate

  • Eat these healthy sweets and stay fit and happy

    Eat-a-whey is the latest entrant in the paleo/gluten-free craze that promises to keep you healthy, trim and sweet-happy 

  • Owl or lark? Make the right call

    If you are a morning person, you just might take shortcuts at night. A new study on the relationship between ethical decision-making and chronotype (time when individuals are alert) indicates that early-rising people are more ethical in the morning and night owls at night

  • Mumbai architect's French connection

    After designing the Christian Louboutin store in Horniman Circle, Mumbai-based architect Rooshad Shroff was invited to work on the French footwear designer's Bangkok store, too. The Harvard graduate talks about these projects and how he added an Indian touch to both projects

  • Delhi's Guppy pops up in Mumbai

    After the success of the pop-up of Goan restaurant Thalassa, Olive will now host Japanese restaurant Guppy By Ai from Delhi

  • Meet the lady of the rings

    Merging the personal relationship of a piece of jewellery to its public purpose of adornment, Esther Brinkmann showcases her unusual jewellery pieces in the exhibition, Renewable Pleasures: The Indian Chapter

  • Real-life rail stories

    From the story of a 70-year-old who visited a railway station as a toddler to catch a glimpse of Mahatma Gandhi few days before he was shot at, to a hilarious tale of a tourist with a fellow Indian passenger who tried hard to befriend him and in turn kept getting them both in trouble — Railonama is a Pandora’s box of eclectic rail travel experiences