mumbai tourism

  • Mumbai-Lonavala seaplane service to begin from August 25

    The first commercial flight of the much-awaited seaplane services will take off for Pawana dam in Lonavala from here on August 25, Maharashtra Tourism and Public Works Minister Chhagan Bhujbal announced today

  • Lights at CST: Masterstroke or mistake?

    In a bid to attract tourists, the Ministry of Tourism has sanctioned a Rs 4.86-crore project to light up Mumbai’s iconic Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. Citizens share their diverse views on this proposal.

  • Coming soon to Mumbai: Floating restaurants, floatel, ferris wheel

    A world-class cruise ship terminal, a Ferris Wheel on the lines of the London Eye, a 500-room floatel and floating restaurants are some of the mega projects planned by the Centre to augment infrastructure in Mumbai

  • Why Mumbai's tourism needs a new plan

    Recently, TripAdvisor surveyed the most travel-friendly cities in the world and shamefully, Mumbai turned out to be the worst travel destination. Dhara Vora quizzed 5 Mumbaikars on how the our city can get its act together

  • Brace yourselves for courteous Mumbai cabbies

    Mumbai's famous yellow and black taxi drivers are in process of modification. You should not get surprised if they welcome you on board their cab speaking in English

  • Mumbai airport cabbies trained to be more courteous

    Cab drivers operating from the swanky Terminal 2 of Mumbai airport are set to be more courteous and cooperative with passengers, thanks to a new initiative by the airport authorities and tourism department

  • It's Mumbai Darshan time again

    The Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation blue double decker bus is full this tourist season. A report card on what you can learn about Mumbai from this darshan

  • Meet Chef Ramasamy Selvaraju, the chef who eats what his wife cooks

    Chef Ramasamy Selvaraju might have won the title of the ‘Best Chef in the Five Star’ category at the National Tourism Awards, but it’s home-cooked food that warms his heart

  • Mumbai-Delhi superfast makes WR richer by Rs 1 lakh per trip

    Thanks to the new premium special AC train and its new dynamic fare structure, the 17-coach Delhi-Mumbai superfast is raking in an additional Rs 1 lakh per trip compared to the 21-coach Rajdhani Express

  • Sails' up!

    The second edition of Festival of Sails promises to re-ignite the nostalgic love affair that Mumbai has always shared with sailing in the Arabian Sea

  • After previous snubs, state makes another effort to honour Sachin Tendulkar

    Following efforts to set up a museum as tribute, and making him brand ambassador of tourism being deftly ducked by the cricketer, the state government is trying to interest him in an imposing felicitation function to mark his retirement from the game

  • Secrets from a masterclass hosted by Masterchef Australia Chef Gary Mehigan in Mumbai

    Moeena Halim took furious notes

  • Improve amenities to increase tourism

    Today, September 27, is World Tourism Day. The United Nations (UN) website states that tourism today is a trillion dollar sector involving the movement of over one billion tourists a year around the world

  • TTF expects a good Diwali season

    Despite the current economic slowdown compelling most of us to reschedule our monthly expenses, there are slim chances of people forsaking their annual Diwali and winter vacations and explore new cities and countries

  • Kanhoji lighthouse off Mumbai coast to be developed as a tourist destination

    Kanhoji Angre lighthouse, off the coast of Mumbai, is to be redeveloped into a tourist hub, complete with special ferry services, a museum, water sports activities, hotels and mid sea restaurants.

  • Of fares and unfair

    The Travel & Tourism industry stands neglected once again

  • Hoteliers pledge to keep women safe

    In an undertaking prepared by the tourism department, hoteliers have pledged to make the safety of women their top priority, with the help of protection teams and special checks

  • Say cheers to wine tourism in state

    Tourists with a flair for wine tasting and exploring vineyards in the rustic parts of the state will soon be able to avail such packages and toast to the occasion if all goes well.

  • Take tips from Kerala, Goa, says Governor

    K Sankaranarayanan asked tourism dept to spend more on promotional activities; while Kerala spends Rs 90 crore on advertising, Maharashtra spends only Rs 10 crore

  • Up-roar

    A recent court order banning tiger tourism in core areas of parks and sanctuaries has provoked a debate whether this would deter poachers or prove counter-productive