music across borders

  • Jazz notes from across the border

    Little is known about the thriving Jazz music scene in Pakistan. Sachal Jazz Ensemble will give us a glimpse of this talent pool when they perform in Delhi NCR for the NH7 Weekender festival. the guide chats with Izzat Majeed, the band’s
    co-arranger and producer

  • Music across borders

    Tracing the journey of classical music in Pakistan, Delhi-based researcher and documentary filmmaker Yousuf Saeed's movie Khayal Darpan raises vital questions about cultural identity and the future of this 'elitist form' of entertainment in India

  • Reality wars from across the border

    Contestants from India and Pakistan take on each other in a bid for top honours on the small screen

  • Musical competition from across the borders

    Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy at a bash thrown by Zakir Hussain for celebrated guitarist John McLaughlin's 70th birthday at a Mumbai nightspot