• In pictures: Indian-origin actors making waves on American TV shows

    In pictures: Indian-origin actors making waves on American TV shows

  • mid-day newsroom stalwarts rewind the cassette to 90s

    mid-day newsroom stalwarts rewind to life in the '90s when the Internet was alien, the cell phone non-existent, a newsbreak did not depend on Twitter and journalists hadn't turned corporate

  • mid-day editorial: The elephant in the newsroom

    It is time for every journalist, whether with print or television or digital to look deep and hard into why allegations of paid news have come up, and think that this is not the first time the media has been accused of being ‘managed.’ Its reputation stands besmirched and there is a loss of credibility when this comes up

  • Student 'journos' take over the mid-day newsroom on Children's Day

    The Children's Day special edition is a work of collaboration between seasoned mid-day journalists and seven children from The Akanksha Foundation. Was it a sweet alliance? You be the judge

  • Chris Pine, Vail Bloom spotted kissing

    Actor Chris Pine, who is rumoured to be dating reality TV star Vail Bloom, was spotted kissing her during a lunch date here

  • Rajeev Khandelwal: Was not sceptical about kissing scene on 'Reporters'

    Rajeev Khandelwal says he was desperately waiting for a promising script to make a comeback on TV after a gap of three years

  • Revealed: How TV news channels prepare for prime-time panel discussions

    With election season reaching fever pitch and results less than a week away, Saurabh Datar peeks into newsrooms and talks to the architects of every day’s prime time panel discussions – the guest coordinators

  • A healthy dash of reality helps

    Of Tejpal troubles, newbies in newsrooms and being afflicted by strange psycho-shoma-tic disorders

  • My word! There's good news for Anglo-Indian literature

    In what will bring a smile to Anglo-Indians scattered across the globe, Anglo Ink, the young publishing house, is ready to release a dozen new titles by authors from the community. The MiD DAY newsroom's lone Anglo-Indian, Fiona Fernandez, delves deeper to gauge what this will mean to a community that gave India more than just Devil Curry, Leslie Claudius, railway engine drivers and High School Grammar teachers

  • Clouds in the newsroom

    Economy tanking, media in crisis, painfully sad times in the office... hopefully there's sunshine waiting somewhere in the future... fingers crossed," posted Sagarika Ghose, CNN-IBN's Deputy editor, prime time news anchor and one of media's sanest voices

  • Hot in the newsroom

    His was the face that moved markets and it is not an exaggeration to say that every bon mot that fell from the lips of Udayan Mukherjee, managing editor, CNBC-TV18, had a direct impact on Dalal Street

  • Live from the newsroom

    She walked in, with some books under her arm, wanting to photocopy her project. The newsroom was buzzing with activity.

  • Sonal Chauhan gets her film's cast hooked to US TV show

    Highly impressed by Aaron Sorkin's American TV show The Newsroom, Sonal Chauhan has turned several unit members of her film into fans of the show

  • Crime in the newsroom

    The book Newsroom Mafia reveals the fine line between fact and fiction in the newsroom

  • Blood in the newsroom

    With the arrest of a journalist in the J Dey murder case, the media is under the scanner. The recent launch of a novel, The Newsroom Mafia, probing the nexus between the media, underworld, the police and politicians, is particularly timely

  • The MiD DAY newsroom remembers

    It's 11. 58 pm. Two investigating officers sit huddled in a cubicle behind me, rummaging through sheafs of press releases; most of them faxed invites to media launches

  • KJo shot in the CBS newsroom for My Name Is Khan

    After shooting in the White House premises, Karan Johar has now taken his cast and crew inside the newsroom of a leading American news channel.