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  • 'I have a crush on a guy at work, but I'm his boss'

    'I have a huge crush on someone at work, but he reports to me and this could cause a number of serious issues at work. Should I still tell him how I feel?'

  • 'He comments on women even when he's with me'

    My boyfriend likes commenting on every woman he sees, whenever we are out together. These are disparaging remarks about their looks or what they wear...

  • 'My boyfriend is uncomfortable with my friends'

    My boyfriend doesn't come to dinner when my friends are around because he says they make him feel uncomfortable. How can I convince him to turn up?

  • 'How do I tell my boyfriend he has bad breath?'

    How do you tell your boyfriend he has bad breath without offending him?

  • Ranveer Singh's 'one-night stand' inspires Ranbir Kapoor

    Before taking off on a brief holiday to London with mom Neetu Kapoor last week, Ranbir Kapoor shot for an ad for a leading innerwear brand. The theme matches that of Ranveer Singh's condom commercial

  • 'I apologised, but she continues to be resentful'

    My partner and I recently had an argument. I felt awful about it soon after and apologised to her, but her body language towards me continues to be resentful. She says it's okay, but makes me look desperate all the time. How do I stop this?

  • 'How do I approach my dentist for a date?'

    Introducing Dr Love, who solves your relationship riddles in a confusing digital age

  • 'He's forcing me to go out of town with him'

    My boyfriend wants me to go out of town with him for a few days, but I'm not comfortable with the idea. It will mean lying to my parents and I don't want to do that. He says I'm being childish

  • 'My girlfriend doesn't take a shower after sex'

    'My girlfriend doesn't take a shower after we have sex and it drives me mad. It's unhygienic to do so, but she says she likes it that way. Am I being a prude?'

  • 'I feel helpless after my first break-up'

    I was stubborn about not getting into any relationship ever. I did have a few crushes, but never acted upon any of them. And then, in February, a guy proposed to me indirectly. His love compelled me to accept his proposal and I was finally committed to someone. Everything was going amazingly well, until his ex-girlfriend came back into his life

  • 'She's hard to please, what can I do to impress her?'

    I want to go on a date with someone I asked out, but I'm nervous because my friends tell me she's hard to please. What can I do to impress her?

  • 'Who do I pick between my mother and wife?'

    I was married in Hyderabad last year. It was an arranged marriage and my wife and I stayed together until earlier this year. We used to get into petty arguments constantly, and she left eventually, saying she couldn't live with my mother. I can't abandon my mother, but I love my wife a lot and can't leave her either

  • 'Why is she so secretive about her activities?'

    There are things my wife does that bother me, even though they seem normal to everyone else. For instance, she doesn't take my calls during the day, no matter how often I try. She says it's because she's busy, but I'm not sure why she doesn't ever call back

  • 'I'm ready to commit, but she says she isn't'

    I have been in a relationship for three years now, but my girlfriend and I have never discussed what happens next. We don't know if we will continue being a couple or get engaged and, eventually, marry...

  • 'He has a crush on an actress who looks like his ex'

    My boyfriend likes an actress just because she looks like his ex-girlfriend and reminds him of her. This is bothering me a lot. What should I do?

  • 'Do I tell her she looks horrible with makeup?'

    Should I tell my girlfriend that she looks horrible with make-up? She may think I'm trying to control her, which I'm not

  • 'She won't speak to me because I blocked her on Facebook'

    I recently blocked a friend on Facebook because I didn't like her commenting on my ex-boyfriend. She refuses to speak to me because of this. I am still happy to speak to her, and am only annoyed that she commented about me in public. How can I explain this to her?

  • 'I don't want to get married yet; I want to study'

    'I would like to study further but my parents want me to marry instead. What if my future husband forbids me from studying? Is there anything I can do to convince my parents?'

  • 'I have a huge crush on my boyfriend's brother'

    'I have a massive crush on my boyfriend's brother, which I know is wrong. I haven't told anyone about it, but I don't know if I can keep dating my boyfriend considering my feelings for his brother. What can I do about this?'

  • 'Why won't she tell me about her past?'

    'I don't have a problem with my relationship, because my girlfriend and I communicate a lot and talk about things that affect us both. The one thing that bothers me a little is the fact that she never speaks about her ex-boyfriends...'