rashmi bansal

  • Rashmi Bansal's 'God's Own Kitchen' explores horizons of feeding hungry kids

    A writer, youth expert and entrepreneur, Rashmi Bansal’s latest book, “God’s Own Kitchen” perfectly encapsulates the inspiring story of the Akshaya Patra Foundation, a social enterprise run by spiritualists and capitalists

  • Are you a bloody good writer?

    Gone are the days when editors at publishing houses decided which books would see the light of the day. It’s 2014, and the beginning of a new publishing trend is here — crowdsourced publishing. Bloody Good Books, a new venture by author Rashmi Bansal lets readers decide whether they want a book published or not. Saurabh Datar finds out more

  • Dreaming big in Dharavi

    A new book, titled The Poor Little Rich, takes you to the slums of Dharavi to inspire you through their spirit of enterprise and their enthusiasm