republic day walking tour

  • Travel: This Republic Day, view the other side of Alibaug

    Spend Republic Day in the historic coastal town by signing up for an insightful heritage walk that takes you to an amphibious fort and Jewish landmarks

  • R-Day parade: Army dogs to walk down Rajpath after 26 years

    Indian army dogs, who have saved the lives of numerous soldiers in counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency operations, will march down the Rajpath for Republic Day Parade on January 26 after a gap of 26 years

  • The sole of Mumbai

    Stories whisper in Gothic building crevices and history lurks in turrets and corners. A walking tour company believes you can best experience Republic Day with your feet

  • Let's make R-Day more meaningful

    With the mood saffron, green and white thanks to Republic Day weekend, the city will be replete with flag-hoisting ceremonies and cars will be flying little flags sold on traffic signals, like they always are. Many housing
    societies traditionally have flag hoisting ceremonies after which members have a get together, where they get to know each other