• Was ticket checker drunk on duty?

    Ticket checker is hauled up in front of seniors by angry passenger for being drunk on duty. Story & Video by: Neha Tripathi, mid-day

  • Gas station clerk beats up robbers, thwarts robbery

    A group of thieves got the surprise of a lifetime when their plan to steal a convenience store bank bag was interrupted by a clerk with MMA training. Video courtesy: YouTube

  • Terrifying armed robbery caught on camera

    A store clerk screams in terror after a man uses a hand gun to rob a Metro PCS store in Brooklyn, New York. Video courtesy: YouTube

  • Miley Cyrus's house robbery caught the thieves

    Check out all about the two arrested suspects of Miley Cyrus's house and car robbery in this video and know them. They are as good as legendary robbers. Courtesy: Splash news

  • Caught on CCTV: Armed raiders force guard to hand over cash box

    Gang of pistol wielding raiders force guard to hand over a cash box in armed robbery in Leeds. Video courtesy: YouTube

  • Reckless youth gets punched during 'fake' robbery

    A prank supposed to highlight society's unwillingness to help a person in need, proved exactly the opposite. Watch the video to find out more Video courtesy: YouTube

  • CCTV: Three held in assault and robbery case

    MUMBAI: Crime Branch has arrested three out of five accused for allegedly assaulting a man on his way to Zaveri Bazaar, with cricket bat and robbing his jewellery worth 25-lakh.

  • Brave shopkeeper thwarts robbery

    Indian-origin shopkeeper holds off a knife-wielding would-be robber at his shop in Burnley. Video courtesy: YouTube

  • Woman robbed at ATM at knifepoint

    18-year-old forced to withdraw cash from an ATM by a knife- wielding robber. Video courtesy: YouTube

  • Woman robbed at ATM at knifepoint

    18-year-old forced to withdraw cash from an ATM by a knife- wielding robber. Video courtesy: YouTube

  • Robbery in bank caught on camera

    Four men surrounded an 18-year-old at the bank's cash counter and make away with cash. Story by: Anuradha Varanasi, MiD DAY

  • Robbery inside bank caught on camera

    18-year-old is robbed by four men inside a bank in Mumbai. Story & Video by: Anuradha Varanasi, MiD DAY

  • Miss Venezuela Monica shot dead

    Monica Spear was murdered during an attempted highway robbery in presence of her five-year-old daughter. Video courtesy: YouTube

  • Guard foils ATM robbery in Bangalore

    Security guard caught on CCTV camera tackling two robbers trying to rob an ATM in Bangalore. Video courtesy: YouTube

  • Based only on his eyes police release 10 sketches of robber

    CCTV cameras could only capture the eyes of one of the three robbers who stole from the office of a transport company in Chunabhatti; using this as a reference, the artist has prepared 10 sketches of the crimina. Story & Video By Sagar Rajput, MiD Day

  • Machete outdoes gun in robbery

    An attempted robbery ends when the store clerk behind the counter surprises the thief with a machete. Video courtesy: YouTube

  • Caught on CCTV Gang of six women looting Mumbai shop

    In the cctv footage it is clearly seen that on Monday at around 5 in the morning, six woman of one carrying small child with her comes near the shop. They sit near the shop's shutter and one of them keep watch on any activity. After few minutes two women gets up and start to open the shutter. Story & Video by Shiva Devnath, Mid-Day

  • Smash and grab robbery at jewellery store

    Video surveillance images show five suspects inside the store smashing the display case and running off, with a uniformed security guard in pursuit. The police report said a sixth suspect was outside the store, acting as a lookout. The entire heist was captured by security cameras, and the footage has been released by the Atlanta Police Department, which has appealed to the public to help it identify the thieves. Video courtesy: Youtube/ WorldHeadlines!!!

  • Surveillance video related to Boston bombings

    Boston bombing investigation will likely revive debate over pervasive surveillance Video courtesy: Youtube/fbi

  • CCTV captures robbery at gunpoint in Thane

    The footage shows the sequence of events when the owner of a jewelry shop, Sunil Jain, and his relative, Santosh, were attacked by a gang of four men on the night of March 6. The suspects made away with 1 Kg of jewelry that Mr Jain was carrying in a bag. Video courtesy: NDTV