• Mumbai: Cops to face action if spotted sans helmet, seat belt

    Commissioner of police issued the order recently; cops given time till August 15 to buy helmets

  • Unruly passenger delays flight departure at Mumbai Airport

    The Oman Air WY 204 on Thursday evening was delayed for around two hours due to an unruly passenger

  • Some AirAsia victims found belted in seats

    After nearly a week of searching for the victims of AirAsia Flight 8501, rescue teams battling monsoon rains had their most successful day yet, more than tripling the number of bodies pulled from the Java Sea, some still strapped to their seats

  • Auto body to kick-start drive to promote seat belts for backseat passengers

    The awareness campaign which comprises giving passengers roses comes in the wake of Union minister Gopinath Munde’s death in a car accident

  • Wearing a seat belt could have saved Gopinath Munde's life

    Says forensic surgeon, Dr Adarsh Kumar, who was part of the panel of experts who conducted the autopsy on Union Rural Development Minister Gopinath Munde’s remains at AIIMS in Delhi

  • Seat belt saves NCP MLC involved in road accident

    Cops say Nationalist Congress Party MLC Vinayak Mete was wearing seat belt when driver of hired car dozed off and crashed into light pole; sustained only minor injuries

  • You may loosen your seat belt now

    Imagine this � it's your dream airbourne trip, Business Class et al. The lovely moment meets an unsavoury end when you are served a cold, bland and unappealing meal that has killed the mood. But all airline food needn't necessarily translate to a ticket to a culinary debacle in the skies. We go behind the scenes with four celebrity chefs who reveal the challenges, tricks and secrets to a sky-happy gourmet experience

  • Car bursts into flames on FC Rd; owner rescued

    Passers-by pull out 40-year-old trapped in vehicle after breaking windows and loosening his seat belt; short circuit blamed for blaze

  • Second-class citizens?

    Ever felt a reflexive pang of panic on a busy traffic snarling road choked when you spot a family on a scooter with mother and kids riding pillion or a child jumping up and down next to the driver's seat in a car while the parents look on indulgently

  • Seat belt saved Nooriya

    Despite turning turtle twice in her car Nooriya Haveliwala escaped unhurt, say doctors

  • Traffic cops fine-ally pull up their socks

    In a bid to enforce traffic rules, collect Rs 21 lakh in fines from 16,200 four-wheeler drivers since February 1; 85 per cent Puneites now wear seat belts and follow traffic rules