sunday midday special

  • Quirky culinary traditions from one of Mumbai's oldest communities

    Alu wadi stuffed with prawn mince is a delicious culinary eccentricity peculiar to a Mumbai community of under 8,000

  • Why I kept Ajinkya Rahane out

    A cricket coach-cum-cartoonist Austin Coutinho reveals how Ajinkya Rahane was discouraged to play for a particular local team since it involved a lot of traveling

  • Let's year it for... 2014

    Whether it is wishful thinking such as Oprah Winfrey marrying Deepak Chopra simply so we can call her Oprah Chopra, its all about the impotence of being earnest

  • Lets make Mumbai a 'Fine' city in 2014

    Will our skywalks finally get walkalators? Will drunk driving invite swift punishment? Can we give stalkers a shock if they try to act fresh? And hope that spitters get packed off to jail? We expect a lot from 2014 when it comes to law and order

  • Test Drive Rolls Royce Ghost

    So, what's it like to drive a car that stands 17.6 feet long and costs a cool Rs 3 crore? Sunday Mid Day got behind the wheel of a Rolls Royce Ghost recently hit the Indian streets Just as Mary Shelly's novel Frankenstein was written when she was confined indoors (on a holiday), the Rolls Royce Ghost was conceived inside a secluded country house (due to bad weather). Story By - Rachna Tyagi and Vikas Munipalle, MiD-DAY

  • 'Tumhara naam kya hai?'

    This was the first question cops asked Salman Khan when he arrived in Jodhpur to serve the jail term for hunting blackbucks. Salman was convicted with five years in prison

  • Raada! SRK-Salman spat

    Host Salman Khan and guest Shah Rukh Khan almost came to blows at Katrina Kaif's birthday bash, as an argument escalated

  • Salman goes ballistic again

    Salman Khan stormed the sets of Chalte Chalte in Pune, and not only abused Aishwarya Rai, Shah Rukh Khan and Aziz Mirza, but also peeled off his clothes. Aishwarya left with him and the unit packed up, cancelling its four-day shoot