• Japan's Kabuki theatre goes global through internet

    Kabuki, the traditional Japanese theater, is seeking to become more global, and to that end, an "online" project was introduced Friday, a platform for connecting fans of this ancient discipline across the world.

  • Jim Carrey's 'Dumb and Dumber To' to hit Indian theatres on November 21, 2014

    Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels starrer 'Dumb and Dumber To' is all set to hit the Indian theatres in major cities on November 21, 2014

  • Arundhati by two

    For an occasional visitor to a city, its growth can perhaps be judged by its real estate spurt, its traffic and its cultural evolution

  • Theatres attacked before 'Kaththi' release; Five arrested

    Even as Tamil actor Vijay claimed that all issues concerning his Diwali release 'Kaththi' (Knife) had been resolved, two Chennai cinema theatres, where the film is scheduled to be released, were vandalised by unidentified persons

  • What kind of message is Sonakshi trying to convey?

    A casually dressed Sonakshi Sinha was recently spotted outside a suburban preview theatre

  • Censor Board flouting rules for a picture with Shah Rukh Khan?

    Censor Board members allegedly flouted rules by calling their families to a South Mumbai theatre to be clicked with Shah Rukh Khan at the screening of 'Happy New Year'

  • Dining with the Faulties

    How do you react if you're in a restaurant run by eccentrics? Read a mid-day reader's account of what transpired when she attended a dinner theatre performance of popular TV show Fawlty Towers, which had its India debut in Mumbai last week

  • Athens: Best of classical and modern worlds

    Greek city Athens's charm lies in the fact that it is a living museum. Kalpana Sunder writes about the city, which offers the best of classical and modern worlds through its museum-like metros, centuries-old amphitheatres and chic nightclubs

  • Court Martial revisited

    Swatantra Theatre will be staging the popular play, Court Martial, in the city with a completely new cast

  • Preity Zinta throws a man out of theatre

    Preity Zinta had gone to watch a film and got upset as a fellow viewer did not stand up when the national anthem was played

  • 'Traffic Signal' actress Yoggitta Dandaykar in a new film on HIV

    Yoggitta Dandaykar, who made her Bollywood foray with Madhur Bhandarker’s 'Traffic Signal' (2007), is now essaying the lead in Sharad Thakur’s 'Zara Sambhal Ke'

  • Lindsay Lohan defends theatre debut

    Actress Lindsay Lohan has defended her West End theatre debut after she was accused of forgetting her lines in her first show, insisting the performance "could have been a disaster... but it wasn't"

  • Mee Mithachi Baahuli: Memoir of yesteryear actress Vandana Mishra

    An 88-year-old yesteryear actress travels back in time to the pre-Independence, pre-stainless steel, pre-electricity era in Mumbai. Her memoir Mee Mithachi Baahuli highlights a Marathi artiste’s stint in Gujarati and Marwadi theatre during the early 1940s

  • Mumbai cops nab thief who 'helped' people outside theatres, robbed them

    The 26-year-old would target performance venues and help Marathi artistes carry their luggage to the changing room; once the performers went on stage, he would flee with their belongings

  • Mumbai's Veer-Zaara: Coming soon to a theatre near you

    With love at first sight, heartbreak, reunion and a prolonged court battle, the story of Hidayat Khan and wife Banwa, whom he had sneaked into the country from Saudi Arabia has filmmakers lining up

  • Celebrating regional acts

    An array of regional plays that span seven languages is going to be showcased as part of the 18th Nehru Centre Theatre Festival. With theatre doyens like Ram Gopal Bajaj and Arjun Deo Charan staging their productions, the city theatregoer is in for a dramatic treat

  • Mary Kom disappointed as her home state misses film show

    M C Mary Kom's hometown is missing the screening of the Priyanka Chopra-starrer biopic on the boxing champion as no theatre in Manipur is screening the film due to a ban by insurgency outfits

  • In pursuit of classical art in Kochi

    Heralded as the Queen of the Arabian Sea, Kochi is known for its architectural marvels. But Sonia Nazareth goes on a trail of the classical arts to gain insight into the port town’s rich cultural heritage and comes away impressed after watching locals perform Kathakali and Kuttiyattam, the oldest surviving tradition of theatre

  • Will Kashmir's street theatre die an unsung death?

    Traditional Kashmiri street theatre, called Bandh Pather, which once occupied centre stage as the most powerful medium of mass communication in Kashmiri society, seems to be dying a silent death

  • Young talent showcases at Prithvi

    Thespo@Prithvi presents Baawla, a play by young first-time director Raghav Dutt, who has taken a leaf out of his own life, penning the protagonist whose devotion for his mother turns him into a poet