trishla patel

  • The grown up act

    A new play, titled Growing Up, addresses issues of puberty and the various changes it brings in teenagers

  • Why the play Six Characters in Search of an Author is a must-watch

    Luigi Pirandello's Italian classic, Six Characters in Search of an Author is considered a formidable script in the theatre circuit. Watch Benjamin Gilani and others bring this play to life and madness under Trishla Patel’s direction

  • Find out what Trishla Patel's new play is all about

    Trishla Patel's new play, Six Characters in Search of an Author, deals with the struggle that every actor goes through on stage, while looking for his character

  • Now, Mumbai's potholes inspire a play

    T Pot Production's new play � Chaar Small � includes a piece on a pothole that has a mind of its own. In it, Mumbai's harassed commuters might find something to relate to