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  • Nigeria reports its first Ebola death

    African coutries, Guinea, Liberia and Sierra, have reported 1,093 cases so far

  • Top AIDS official says 6 colleagues on Malaysia plane, not 100

    International AIDS Society president Francoise Barre-Sinoussi today said six colleagues heading for a global conference in Melbourne were on a Malaysian plane that crashed over Ukraine, not 100 as reports suggested

  • Cholera vaccine is 86 per cent effective: Study

    A cheap and easy to deliver oral vaccine against cholera is 86 per cent effective in preventing the infection which causes severe diarrhea and can be fatal, researchers said today

  • Alcohol consumption in India on the rise: WHO report

    The Global Status report on alcohol and health 2014, released by the World Health Organization states that around 30% of the total population of India consumes alcohol a year

  • Yami Gautam speaks up for a cause

    Actress Yami Gautam attended the Polio Free Conclave 2014 in New Delhi yesterday as a guest speaker

  • India among 11 nations formally declared polio-free by WHO

    India and 10 other Asian countries were formally declared polio-free by the World Health Organization (WHO) Thursday

  • India declared 'polio free' by World Health Organisation

    India was today officially declared Polio Free by the World Health Organisation. India is one of the 11 countries in the South East Asian region which have been certified as being free of the wild polio virus

  • Chinese smog drives masks out of stock

    As consumers rush to protect themselves from smog that has shrouded the nation, the biggest online seller of face masks said that their stock is over

  • A healthy sign: India set to be a polio-free nation

    NEW DELHI: India is marking three years without any new recorded cases of polio — a feat that is expected to prompt the World Health Organisation (WHO) to declare the country polio- free in March.

  • MPCB bursts loud crackers

    � but only to check if they meet prescribed noise levels

  • Gunmen kill woman polio worker in Pakistan, WHO suspends campaign

    Suspected militants shot and killed a woman polio vaccinator and injured another in an attack in Peshawar city of northwest Pakistan Tuesday, prompting the World Health Organisation to suspend its vaccination campaign.

  • You can break free

    It's a shocking statistic. According to a World Health Organisation study, 35.9% of Indians suffer from some form of depression. Seema Hingorrany, India's leading clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and trauma researcher's new title, Beating the Blues, hopes to inform the reader about this fast-spreading phenomenon that is taking over society, across age groups and strata. We caught up with the expert to share about why it's important to fight the big D

  • Smoking single most important cause of premature heart attacks

    About 17.3 million people die of cardiovascular diseases and 10 per cent of the deaths are due to tobacco use

  • A kidney is sold every hour illegally: WHO

    The illegal trade in kidneys has become so rampant that more than one of the organs is traded every hour, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

  • More than third of malaria drugs are fake

    More than a third of malaria drugs examined by scientists in Southeast Asia were fake, and a similar proportion analysed in Africa were below standard, doctors warned today

  • India did an admirable job to become polio-free nation: WHO

    The World Health Organisation has commended India's one year of being a 'polio free nation', calling it a major achievement.

  • Mobile use' can raise brain cancer risk'

    The debate over whether cell phone radiation causes brain cancer continues, with a new study by the WHO now claiming that just half-an-hour daily on mobile can increase a person's risk of the disease by a third.

  • Most deaths in young people are preventable: WHO study

    Most of the 2.6 million deaths of young people each year are preventable, according to a new study supported by the World Health Organisation and released in Geneva Friday.

  • WHO maps world's deadliest roads

    The most dangerous place in the world to travel on roads is in the impoverished East African state of Eritrea, says the World Health Organisation (WHO) in its first report on global road safety.

  • Pune institute in global race for swine flu vaccine

    It is ironical that Pune reported the first loss of life due to swine flu in India as it is home to the country's largest biotech firm, which is also among the world's leading players trying to develop a vaccine to fight the H1N1 virus.