• Hilarious video: Mutant spider-dog terrifies people

    YouTube prank group, SA Wardega, creates a mutant spider-dog and records a video to show how fearsome this creature can be Video courtesy: YouTube

  • World Cup Final: Streaker delays Germany v/s Argentina tie

    Well known YouTube prankster, Vitaly decides to go streaking onto the field during the FIFA World Cup Final in Brazil Video courtesy: YouTube

  • Flashback: The first ever video on YouTube

    On this day, history was made 8 years ago, when Jawed Karim, one of the co-founders of the popular video sharing website YouTube made the first-ever upload titled, 'Me at the zoo'. Video courtesy: Youtube/jawed

  • Cop smashes senior citizen's car

    Police Officer quit job after becoming the butt of jokes over a YouTube video of him battering the car of a 74-year-old driver Video courtesy: Youtube

  • Fox cub with head stuck in jar seeks a helping hand

    Hopelessly trapped critter seems to enlist the help of hikers; one of them carefully removes object and sets animal free Video courtesy: Youtube

  • Adorable twins find rubber bands hilarious

    Looks like the parents of these cute baby twins don't even need to buy any toys, they're get enough entertainment from those rubber bands! Video courtesy: Youtube

  • Hannah Sabata the Chick Bank Robber

    19-year-old, Hannah Sabata was arrested on charges stemming from the holdup of a Bank in Waco, Nebraska, after police saw the weird, Green Day scored YouTube video she posted called "Chick Bank Robber." In the video, Sabata shows off the over $6,000 she stole, and brags about stealing cars and drugs while never speaking and holding up illegible pieces of paper. Well, now she's in trouble. Video courtesy: Youtube/Jellee Beanie

  • California man Nakoula behind anti Islam film arrested

    The California man behind a crudely produced anti-Islamic video posted to YouTube that has inflamed parts of the Middle East was arrested for violating terms of his probation, authorities said on Thursday. Video courtesy: NDTV

  • Gangnam style makes YouTube history

    Psy, the South Korean sensation is swaying millions on the net and also some big stars across the world. With 280 million hits and counting, it has also created cyber history. Video courtesy: NDTV

  • Luckiest truck driver in Russia

    An astonishing viral video shows a Russian truck driver colliding with massive-tractor trailer, crashing headfirst through the windshield of his cab and then miraculously landing on his feet. Video courtesy: Youtube

  • You can now flirt with Ranbir Kapoor virtually

    A good news for all girls who wish to flirt with Ranbir Kapoor. A new YouTube application, which was launched by Ranbir to promote his upcoming Anurag Basu film, will enables his fans to instruct Barfi, his character in the movie, to do whatever they type in. Video courtesy: NDTV

  • Sunny Leone JISM 2 Trailer 18 on Youtube

    Sunny Leonne is back into the news because of her trailer. OMG . Yeh publicity stunt khatam hi nahin hota. All trailers of the releasing movie JISM 2 on youtube are marked as adult videos 18+. Yaani ki Adult… so you might get into some age restriction issue notification by youtube for seeing sunny in Jism 2 Trailers.

  • Hilarious Superman Spoof

    Hilarious: Superman Spoof Video courtesy: youtube.com/user/worldmediaus

  • Cyclone of sheep surrounding driver becomes YouTube hit

    A short video, which shows a herd of sheep running rings around a car in Russia has gone viral on the internet. Video courtesy: Youtube

  • President of Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus pocketing pen during Latin American meeting

    President of Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus pocketing pen during Latin American meeting.

  • Muammar Gaddafi Zenga Zenga Song

    http://www.mid-day.com/news/2011/feb/280211-Libya-YouTube-Moammer-Gaddafi-community-music-video.htm Song based on speech delivered by Libyan leader goes viral on YouTube Libyan leader Moammer Gaddafi may be reviled by many of his own people and the international community, but he's enjoying an unexpected surge of popularity as a music video star.

  • Queen Elizabeth a YouTube hit

    The Christmas video message by the Queen in 1957 has received more than one million views on the website

  • Meet the spider-dog!

    YouTube prank group, SA Wardega, creates a mutant spider-dog and records a five-minute video to show how fearsome this creature can be

  • Dad secretly films daughter taking selfies, posts it online

    Parents who are tired of their children clicking selfies all the time, this father may have a way to curb the habit: by making a secret video of your child while he/she is busy making a selfie to their embarrassment later!

  • Google may allow under-13-year-olds to sign up for Gmail, YouTube

    For the first time, internet giant Google is planning to open Gmail, YouTube and some of its other services to children under the age of 13