• Travel: Trek to Zanskar Valley in Jammu and Kashmir

    The Zanskar Valley is one of the most serene, untouched and beautiful locations in the country

  • Voters defy boycott call, brave cold weather in Kashmir

    Voters defied a boycott call and inclement weather as half of the total electorate cast its franchise in the first six hours of the first phase of polling in Jammu and Kashmir Tuesday

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  • 1,500 jawans climb 11,000 ft to protect voters in Ladakh

    Paramilitary personnel and election officials undertook the arduous trek to the polling stations in the Ladakh assembly segments of Kargil, Zanskar, Leh and Nubra

  • Water wars in Zanskar

    It doesn't matter that you are not a water baby. On your trip to Ladakh, sign up for a white water rafting session down the Zanskar river, not for the rapids as much as for the incredibly gorgeous sights all around

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    Explore the gorgeous, unexplored areas of Ladakh in a jeep. Often called 'Little Tibet' since it's located north of the main Himalayan range, Ladakh receives very little rainfall.