Bizarre: Airline crew indulges in Holi revelry onboard aircraft

Crazy video of crew members' Holi celebrations aboard a SpiceJet flight, which has gone viral. Following the embarrassment, the airline has suspended two of its pilots. Video courtesy: YouTube

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  • Prasad22-Mar-2014

    Look on the bright side of things. If orchestrated in an orderly manner, the crew should be praised and given commendation for their effort in promoting a festival. Maybe the pilot being out of the cockpit may have erred due to safety concerns. Please don't punish the crew. It brings an air of fun to travel and seeing that the crew had taken trouble in this manner is a cause for merriment. Not punishment . Please encourage such fun so long as duty is not compromised. I salute them.

  • Viren23-Mar-2014

    I don't think of this as offence, everyone was enjoying and they have done it in good manner without forgetting their duty.. It was just like have fun for some minutes...

  • Grey Wolf21-Mar-2014

    Being an in-flight crew member is a serious occupation. Its not only about looking after a bunch of travellers who are air-borne but also includes responding to crisis situations should they occur. Properly trained crew members would retain their dignity at all times while on duty. The lack of proper training is quite apparent these days when you fly in some cases. These crew members are evidently demented. Impose penalties on them and sack them. And the commenter OneIndia_2, get some brains!

  • OneIndia_220-Mar-2014

    SpiceJet person who suspended pilots is one psychic bored soul probably 60+ old f@rt who has forgotten meaning of entertainment. nothing wrong in this video, people onboard are enjoying. Get a life whoever decided to suspend pilots.

  • abc21-Mar-2014

    What wrong with people especially after MH370..get real... play holi in your backyard ..not on a freakin plane

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