Shocking: Wedding stunt goes horribly wrong in Ahmedabad

A man died and a few others were injured after the bride's family, in a bid to impress the invitees, attempted to pull off a stunt at a wedding venue in Ahmedabad. Watch the video footage to know more...

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  • rajan27-Feb-2014

    I have lots of friends in ahmdabad and no one confirmed any such news also not reported by any other news networks Is it true? ......

  • gitu01-Mar-2014

    plz dont try to impress invitees like this.god ...

  • Shekharanand07-Mar-2014

    Kabhi saucha bhi nahi hoga ki aisa bhi hoo sakta.. Joo huya bahut he bura huya.. Hai ye dhek kar har insaan ke aankho sai aansu nikal jai.. Sapne tut gaye ,pata nahi kya kya saucha hoga.. God sabko shakti daina...

  • riya saeed27-Feb-2014

    never forget god while doing anythng..!

  • Harsimran singh jaura26-Feb-2014

    Take care everyone who injured .get well soon......! Don't do it again.

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