A guiding star for young minds- Gautam Khattar

25 November,2022 01:43 PM IST |  Mumbai  |  BrandMedia

Gautam Khattar, a 22-year-old motivational speaker aims to enlighten today’s youth by differentiating between myths and reality related to religion and Indian culture specifically Hinduism.

Gautam Khattar

He came under the limelight after his trail of interviews with foreigners, where he educates them about our culture and religion. Even Uttarakhand*s Chief Minister, Mr. Trivendra Singh Rawat honoured him for his impressive speeches, by inviting him to the CM*s Residence on the occasion of the 125th birth anniversary of Subhash Chandra Bose.

Gautam Khattar is a very confident and bold orator. He doesn*t hesitate in sharing his piece of mind with the masses. It does not bother him whether there is a lay man or a known public figure in front of him, he is true to his thoughts and knowledge he has obtained over a period of time. He makes sure to back his beliefs with logic and reasoning which makes him a strong debater.

He envisions connecting the youth of today with the cultural roots of this diverse nation. Gautam*s sense of humour is one of his strongest points which connects with the youth.

His fan following is not just limited to the youths of the country but also with the elderly, middle aged and young children. He has conducted several interviews with very young children such as Bhagwad, Miraya, Abhinav Arora to name a few. He was pleasantly surprised by the way these children of such juvenile age were so inclined and connected with the Almighty.

His interview with Bhagwad, a three-year-old, gained above 3.5 million views. When we look at the videos of Gautam with these little kids, we observe how easy going he is and the ways kids effortlessly open up to him. They don*t feel shy and hesitant while speaking with him. The highlight of his interview with Bhagwad was the unique way that little one remembered alphabet. He identified several alphabets with the names of Indian Deities which is rarely seen in children today.

When Gautam Khattar asked Abhinav Arora, son of noted motivational speaker Tarun Raj Arora, about how he became so inclined towards the Almighty, he beautifully answered to his trick questions which astonished him that how clear minded this young boy is. Abhinav, an eight year old Krishna devotee further stated that he does not enjoy playing video games or other games like children of his age, rather he prefers to spend his leisure time singing or listening to bhajans and reading the scriptures like Bhagwad Gita, Ramayana and more.

Recently, Gautam was invited to HEC Group of Institutions to give a guest lecture. He commenced the lecture with some witty humour which made the atmosphere light and warm for the youngsters sitting in the room for an engaging session. Majority of the young minds connected with him on several grounds and enjoyed his lecture. In this session, he focussed upon how, we as individuals are running about in fulfilling our goals, making a career and tending to be attracted towards materialistic things leaving behind the important aspects. He specified that one should establish a balance between career, family and friends equally. One way to go about doing that is via spirituality, obtained with spiritual help and knowing where your roots lay. Here he emphasised that it is important to live in the present and not always worry about the future. In this lecture he also explains the possibilities that arise within individuals and how the decisions that we take affects how our lives turn to be. He says that both good and evil resides within us and it is our responsibility to choose wisely.

Gautam*s motivational lectures have impacted today*s youth to such an extent that they are gradually moving away from vices like alcohol and other intoxicating drugs and shifting towards spirituality.

Through his various interviews, lectures and speeches on various social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube, Gautam Khattar shares his knowledge and values about the religion. He emphasises upon the importance of valuing time and to not focus upon unimportant materialistic things. He highlights how spirituality is the way to live your life and to stay sane in today*s competitive world. He believes that a spiritually guided person is more likely to live a fulfilling and happy life than a person who thinks spiritual knowledge and the Almighty is a mediaeval thing.

Gautam Khattar is on a mission to enlighten not just Indians but the world about Hinduism and openly promotes the same.

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