Along with Sahil Khan, Javier Mendez and Lilia Atrash, Nadir Bin Nasir wants to take great steps forward in fitness in Dubai.

28 January,2023 05:55 PM IST |  Mumbai  |  BrandMedia

As an entrepreneur who loves everything innovative, he wants these personalities to unite to bring Dubai’s fitness industry to greater success.

A few years back, people hardly paid attention to what should have been the most important aspect of their life - their health. After the world experienced the dreadful experiences of a pandemic, many people shifted their focus back to fitness, wellness and health. It took a pandemic for people to realize that the most important aspect of everyone*s life is their health. Today, however, in the last few years, massive positive changes have been noticed in people*s lives, all thanks to the many established fitness and sports personalities for adding more knowledge into people*s minds about its importance and necessity.

Nadir Bin Nasir, a much-talked-about Dubai-based entrepreneur and a versatile business personality in the tech and media space, recently met three well-known personalities in the fitness world, Mexican American MMA artist and Coach Javier Mendez, fitpreneur, actor and YouTuber Sahil Khan and Syrian actress and fitness lover Lilia Atrash.

These passionate personalities met each other with the genuine intention to speak more about the importance of health and fitness and how together they can work toward making people more aware about the same in Dubai, UAE.

He said that bringing these professionals together was extremely crucial as today, it is necessary for people to know more incredible ways they can take a step forward toward their desired fitness goals. They need to make clean diet choices, alter their lifestyles for the better, get trained by fitness professionals and coaches that can help them get rid of their poor health, food and lifestyle habits and inculcate in them the value of good health by choosing the right kind of fitness regime.

Nadir Bin Nasir (@nadir_bin_nasir) discussed with them how they could make people more aware of fitness, which can truly change their lives for the better.

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