An entrepreneur by the day and a writer by the night, Ashish Bardia is a proud father and a loving husband.

03 October,2022 06:08 PM IST |  Mumbai  |  BrandMedia

After his wedding in 2016, the complete focus shifted from writing to establishing his business, until his son who was born in 2018 gave him a push to start writing again.

An inspiration to always be remembered not only as an ordinary father who left his passion for money but an example for his son to always follow his calling.

He is a strong believer of a never give up attitude. Ashish holds two MBA degrees in marketing and finance and runs his self-starter business of plywood and hardware by the name Mahaveer Hardware. He currently resides in Bikaner, Rajasthan with his wife, son and the whole family and believe his family is his greatest strength.

You can also visit his Instagram pages and in which he is havinh more than 400k followers combined. His debut book "2 AM AND YOU" is divided into three chapters i.e. LOVE, PAIN and HEALING. This book is relatable with everyone who are going through these phases of life. Love part will remind you of the freshness of first love, Pain part will help you to understand your wounds and how to endure it, Healing part is the most important part of the book which will help you to heal and move on in your life, the healing part will also help you to understand the true meaning of self- love and how to practice it. This best selling book has reached 32+ countries apart from India.

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