Anchor Chirag Vithalani reveals what it takes to host a vibrant Navratri “It’s all about matching the high energy of your audience”

23 September,2022 04:13 PM IST |  Mumbai  |  BrandMedia

Navratri is just around the corner and dancers all around are charged with high energy. The biggest dance festival of the world sees some of the largest events hosted in mega cities – especially Mumbai.

The expansive Navratri of ten long days not only requires the best artists, but also anchors to hold an event like that together. Chirag Vithalani is one such emcee who brings colors to these events.

An accomplished dancer himself, Chirag excels in emceeing in four languages – Hindi, Marathi, English, and of course – Gujarati. Coming from middle class humble beginnings, it has been quite the journey for the man. He actually never considered emceeing full time as he was studying for CA while in college. "I desperately wanted to go back on stage and is when this idea was given to me by my best friend that why don*t you try anchoring professionally and now it*s been eight fantastic years."

He hosts weddings which in themselves are charged up events with a lot of engagement and interest required at the ends of all parties. "If the host is going to be vibrant, the party begins right there. And yes, there are times when the crowd may be a challenge, but I suppose all emcees like me enjoy this challenge," Vithalani says.

In terms of hosting his first grand Navratri in Mumbai – that too one with Nilesh Thakkar as the lead artist – is surely more than exciting of him. "This is Borivali*s first indoor venue with the best singers and band. Dancers do not have to worry about sweating, exertion or dehydration! Plus, the best thing is no stress of these untimely Mumbai rains!" Vithalani tells us. A firm devotee of Goddess Durga, Vithalani wants to make this a memorable event. "I feel that it is all about matching the vibrations and energy of the audience. For me, that creates a connection and it*s the most important in events as important as this," he says.

Perhaps that is what makes Chirag one of the most sought-after anchors in the events industry today. He has performed more than 1000 shows in India as well as abroad - in Singapore, Nepal, Jaipur Goa, Jaisalmer, Udaipur and several events are upcoming for him this Shaadi season. With events like 3 days of cruise wedding in Singapore, Vithalani has brightened weddings of a crowd exceeding 1000 in attendance; and also kept things somber and sensitive at a 50-people wedding during COVID, not compromising on the joy of the couple*s union at all.

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