During the era of laying off, Sqing hires employees in full swing

29 November,2022 03:43 PM IST |  Mumbai  |  BrandMedia

The internet and digitalization have given birth to a new economy where businesses are no longer only brick-and-mortar stores.

Businesses today need to have an online presence to reach a wide customer base. Especially, the global pandemic has pushed several traditional businesses to go online to witness growth and profitability. In this scenario, Sqing is an IT solutions firm that provides SaaS and technology solutions that helps you seamlessly adopt the online business model.

Sqing is a result-driven SaaS and technology solutions company that focuses on delivering effective IT solutions for modern businesses. Apart from producing SaaS products, their range of solutions includes building mobile application operations in India in different vernacular languages. They also lend out support to multiple sectors like sales, customer support, moderation, and re-seller programs for business expansions across India.

In view of a global recession, several top organisations such as Meta and Twitter are laying off thousands of their workforce just to reach or maintain profitability. Twitter has almost wiped out its entire Indian workforce. In fact, Indian companies such as Zomato, Byju*s, and Ola also had to take the layoff route to emerge as profitable companies. In this situation, Sqing is hiring for various positions like an android developer, content writer, graphic designer, PHP Developer, SEO expert, and BDE, creating job opportunities for Indians.

With growing internet and smartphone penetration in India, mobile apps are a must-have for online businesses. The company specializes in mobile application operations in India for various vernacular languages and support for multiple communities across Indian regions, such as sales, customer support, moderation, and re-seller programs for business expansion across India.

The Kerala-based IT solutions firm has 2+ of experience with a proven track record for industry-leading solutions. Moreover, the company has 13+ projects, 20+ happy clients, and 3+ recognition under its belt.

As more and more business owners are now taking the benefits of the internet and online business model, Sqing is all set to emerge as a partner of choice for all sorts of SaaS and technology solutions.

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