How Does Community Impact The Success Of A Meme Coin: Dogecoin (DOGE) and Big Eyes (BIG) Comparison

25 November,2022 12:44 PM IST |  Mumbai  |  BrandMedia

The meme coin sector is one of the most popular sectors in the crypto world. This is because meme coins are very different from any other type of cryptocurrency.

Meme coins focus on creating a platform where a community of crypto users can come together and share an interest in online memes. In recent years, users have leaned more towards meme coins so they can feel a part of a community and interact with others that share similar hobbies and interests, whilst earning money. Dogecoin (DOGE) is the most successful meme coin in the world and acted as the pathfinder for meme coins in general. Let*s compare how Dogecoin*s community impacted the success of DOGE and how Big Eyes (BIG) is on track to do the same.

How Dogecoin Came To Be

Dogecoin is the top meme coin in the market and is currently ranked 9th by market capitalization. Launched in 2013 as a joke, it soon became one of the biggest cryptocurrencies in the world as it saw huge success and gained traction everywhere. When Dogecoin was initially released, it was poking fun at Bitcoin and the general idea of crypto as it was not widely accepted back then, hence why it was based on the trending dog meme at the time. However, over time, it became more and more popular, especially when Elon Musk publicly tweeted his support for Dogecoin, claiming that he held DOGE tokens himself. This was a historic moment for Dogecoin as this led to various individuals around the world also purchasing DOGE tokens.

As Dogecoin built a strong community, it rose higher in the market which has led to its current ranking of being in the top ten cryptocurrencies. As Dogecoin has proved, the success of a meme coin is based on the only buzz surrounding it. When Musk tweeted about owning DOGE tokens, it caused a large online hype around the cryptocurrency which led to its success.

Big Eyes Focuses On Its Community and Builds Hype

Big Eyes is a new meme coin that is set to officially enter the market soon. Currently, it is in presale and is using this time to raise funds and build a strong community of users. Big Eyes has made it very clear in its whitepaper that Big Eyes is a community-based crypto and aims to create a platform to suit the needs of a wide audience.

With a playful persona, Big Eyes aims to create a fun platform for its users. Big Eyes will be 90% owned by its community and is set to release a collection of NFTs soon. As NFTs have become significantly popular over the recent years, Big Eyes wants this to be a large part of its platform to keep users happy.

Additionally, Big Eyes will have a merch shop, events, giveaways, competitions, and more for its users to enjoy. Only in the past week, the BIG team used strong marketing tactics to create extra buzz around Big Eyes Coin, including a 3D advert in New York Times Square. Now is the time to take advantage of the presale and join the growing Big Eyes community. Get ready for the Black Friday special offer by clicking here (becomes live Friday the 25th), and using the code BLACKFRIDAY50!

Despite being in presale, Big Eyes is already doing well as a new meme coin as it has raised almost $10 million so far. This is an exceptional amount and signifies the long-term success Big Eyes could achieve by having a strong community supporting it.

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