Meet Fitness Coach Ankush Bhaskar: Simplifying Fitness and Inspiring Lives.

21 September,2023 04:40 PM IST |  Mumbai  |  BrandMedia

The much-talked-about health and fitness coach emphasizes how simple exercises and nutrition can lead people toward their desired fitness goals.

Ankush Bhaskar

In a world where the internet is filled with personal opinions and bodybuilding philosophies that are forced upon common people who just want to be fit and healthy, finding the right fitness path can feel more confusing than ever. This often leads to failure in achieving fitness goals, making people believe that being fit is tough. People try hard methods of training 5-6 days a week and follow strict diets, either ending up failing or realizing it's tough and not sustainable with their daily routine.

12 Week Transformations are floating all over the internet, advertised aggressively, and setting up a mindset. But, nobody tells people what it truly takes, dedication, discipline, sacrifice, and effort to achieve that goal in just 12 weeks. Nobody says that such hardcore fitness regimes are what professional athletes follow because it's their work, their bread and butter, their topmost priority. And the fact is, the majority of people don't even want to look like a stage competitor. Then why train like one?

The majority of people just want to be in good shape, look good, feel good, be energetic, be healthy, and stay away from lifestyle disorders for a better life. They want a high-performing mind and body that helps them take on their day-to-day task with ease. Simply put, people want to be fit, healthy, and in shape without compromising on their primary priorities like career, finances, personal and family life. This becomes a challenge in following commonly told programs that become tough to follow and do not align with their daily routine and hence people quit.

But what if I told you that being fit doesn't have to be complicated? That you don't have to spend hours in the gym every day or follow a strict diet to achieve your fitness goals? It's true! Fitness can be simple, and it's often made more complicated than it needs to be.

Meet Ankush Bhaskar, founder of "Fit Body Culture" who has seen firsthand the struggles that common people face when trying to balance fitness with their other priorities. The Internationally Accredited Fitness Coach, National-Level Athlete, World PhD Chakra Awardee, and National Bodybuilding Event Judge who has been passionately helping Busy Working Professionals, Household CEOs (Moms), Fashion Models, and Budding Actors reclaim their best health and fitness levels since 2014, with a mission to simplify fitness for everyone holds over a decade of experience in the industry.

"People share their personal opinions over the internet that are not science-based or relevant to common people, which directly and indirectly only manipulate people's minds making the fitness journey more confusing. I wish to fill in this gap and be the bridge between people and my fitness knowledge and expertise for them to understand how fitness and nutrition are all simple concepts that need not be complicated," shares the brain behind "Fit Body Culture."

He is on a Mission to Simplify Fitness for everyone, making it accessible, achievable, and sustainable. He has proved his mettle by training his clients - be they fashion models, actors, or working professionals - only 3 days a week, each session lasting a mere 45-60 minutes. No extreme diets; just a focus on balanced and adequate nutrition. "He adds, 'This approach makes it convenient to achieve fitness goals within your daily routine, considering work, personal commitments, and life's priorities. More importantly, It is sustainable for anyone serious about their health and fitness. "With his 10 years of experience, Ankush strongly believes that most people don't need to do super long workouts or go on crazy diets to be healthy and in shape. He adds "Prioritizing a fitness plan that effortlessly blends with your daily schedule, requiring minimal adjustments, is the key. That means no major sacrifices, just smooth sailing. When you make it this easy, you'll stick with it - and we all know, "Consistency is the key" to hitting all your goals."

Starting with simple workouts and following a less strict diet might seem less promising, however with consistency, results magnify and you build habits that result in lasting and effortless fitness making Fitness truly a part of your life.

As an awarded and highly revered fitness coach, Ankush Bhaskar ( asserts that a simplified and balanced fitness approach is what people need and encourages everyone to welcome fitness as a journey that enhances life. Ankush also highlights that Fit Body Culture advocates the same and thus has seen a constant influx of clients all these years. He aims to reach more people worldwide to spread this message, bring awareness, and inspire lives one day at a time. He wants more and more people to consider a fitness philosophy that respects their lives ultimately shaping healthier and more accomplished generations down the road.

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