Mumbai is one of the largest freelancer community on Castler, the escrow platform saving gig workers from bad debts!

02 December,2022 04:24 PM IST |  Mumbai  |  BrandMedia

If you are a gig worker or a freelancer, you would have definitely faced some issues of non payment by clients, and while one can take the legal route to recover their money, it is often time consuming and cost intensive which a freelancer cannot afford.

Castler, an escrow platform has emerged to rescue freelancers from these issues. They have a huge number of individuals registered on the platform that use their services to ensure the fee commitment from their clients. Let*s learn more about the platform from Vineet Singh, Co-founder of Castler on how it works.

1. Freelancers often lose money in projects. It always depends on the client to pay or not, how is Castler securing their interest.

Vineet Singh: Once the fee is agreed between the freelancer and the client for a specific assignment, the client deposits the money either in part (milestone based) or in full into the Castler Escrow created between the two parties. The money in this escrow can only be withdrawn as per the agreed terms and conditions between the freelancer and the client.

Thus, a freelancer ensures that he receives the money from the client for the extent of the work completed and his interest is protected.

2. How many freelancers you have registered on the platform? Which services they provide?

Vineet Singh: We have more than 1,000 freelancers registered in our platform and many more through various freelancer aggregator platforms. These freelancers provide services including content, website development, app development, digital marketing.

3. What services you offer to these freelancers?

Vineet Singh: We offer freelancers a 100% safe and secure payment collection solution whereby they do not need to chase their clients for collecting their dues.

4. Does Mumbai have many freelancers on your platform? What are the trends here?

Vineet Singh: Mumbai forms the 3rd largest freelancer community on Castler. The castler platform has also seen a growing adoption from freelancers in Tier II cities.

5. Gig economy is picking up in India. What are your views on that.

Vineet Singh: India is poised to become the world*s largest gig economy by 2025 serving not only domestic but also global customers and Castler aims to become a core partner to gig economy workers for their payment collections.

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