Rushabh Kotthari is a Famous Celebrity manager and scientific Vastu consultant

02 December,2022 04:57 PM IST |  Mumbai  |  BrandMedia

Rushabh Kotthari is a Famous Celebrity manager and Vastu consultant. Who is also known as Rushabhraj Kothari in the industry.

Currently, he is managing 3000+ celebrities and helping small & medium-sized businesses with his personalized video promotion service. Where celebrities promote business in short videos and businesses are able to grow to the next level with help of Rushabh. Moreover, he is a scientific Vastu consultant and he consulted more than 600+ homes and made them happy and prosperous with Vastu consulting.

Rushabh is currently working from Aurangabad and operating his business from there but he started his journey in a very small village. He is from Darwah village and he always wanted to be an actor but his family never supported him because he has not from acting background. Rushabh still didn*t give up he was dedicated towards his dream of becoming an actor. Many of his friends laugh at him and said you don*t look like an actor but Rushabh know that good looking face and body is not the only thing that requires becoming a good actor. One needs acting skills and dedication towards the Profession to become successful in any field.

In 2013 he gave audition for the famous television serial Tarak Mehta ka Ulta chashma. He was very confident that he will be selected but unfortunately he didn*t select in the audition and they advised Rushabh to do acting class and work on his acting skills more to become part of the serial. After that, he worked very hard on his acting skill. In his struggling days, Rushabh made many contacts in the television industry and Bollywood. Because of his good personality, he has many good friends who are big celebrities.

Rushabh is always very keen on learning different things. In his struggling days, he learned about scientific Vastu and he was very amazed by knowing the power of Vastu on humans. After that, he learned in detail about scientific Vastu in order to help people. He was doing both things at the same time.

After one point he realized that he can do more things apart from acting and if he gives the same amount of effort in other work he can be successful faster. So he decided to focus on other business but Rushabh always wanted to work in the fame industry and at the same time he found the problem of small & medium businesses and people who have dreams to meet their favourite celebrity but they are not able to meet.

Rushabh found that he has many contacts in the industry and he can help those people to grow their business and help people to fulfill their Wish. He started from scratch with a very less number of celebrities and now he is working with more than 3000+ celebrities. Moreover, he fulfilled the wish of 1000+ fans to meet their favourite Star in person, on a video call and through personalize video. And helped more than 500+ businesses to grow with his promotion strategy.

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