Tarun Singh Rawat Has Caught Filmmaker’s Attention in Making Devbhoomi the Next Film Capital

28 May,2022 11:19 AM IST |  MUMBAI  |  BrandMedia

Tarun Singh Rawat

Tarun Singh Rawat is a young entrepreneur and a businessman with a tendency to go all the way when it comes to visioning something. Not just dreaming about the things one desires but actually working towards them and finally achieving them. He has been successful and is achieving milestones in big projects like The JSR Group of hotels, JSR Production House and JSR Builders And Developers.

Tarun Singh Rawat has successfully produced about four films, out of which 72 Hours: Martyr Who Never Died highlights the tremendous valorous acts of the Martyr belonging to Uttarakhand, Rifleman Jaswant Singh Rawat. His tireless efforts in making Uttarakhand the next film capital are admirable and something worth applauding.

Fusing Modern Techniques For The Best Production.

Tarun Singh Rawat is the first person to bring the Anti Latency Sensor to Northern India. Anti-latency sensor designed to reduce lag helps the filmmakers develop a better outcome. Moreover, it is used in image processing to improve computer-generated graphics quality. He strives for perfection in the post-production department. He is ready to make Uttrakhand the next film capital. Tarun Singh Rawat has started a regional channel and has already produced the biggest Garhwali song (that costs about Thirty-Five Lakhs) in Garhwal history, in which a Garhwali debut singer Meedhya from the town, Naina, and his brother Prashil Rawat performed. He is raising the bar, with "MussoriieBoyz" on its way to touch our hearts and make us giggle.

Showcasing Talents From Home

Blessed with talents all around him, Tarun Singh Rawat is determined and focused on presenting skills from Uttarakhand on the big screen. He hires people from Uttarakhand, be the actors, singers, or even the people in the editing department, and is confident in making the dialects and traditions of Uttarakhand recognised and praised all over India. The VHS Media LLP, owned by him, has produced four films and two web series till now. They plan to expand their journey to Netflix and Amazon.

Flaunting Uttrakhand*s Beauty

Uttarakhand, often called the "Honeymoon State of India," is a Himalayan region in the northern part of India. Tarun Singh Rawat is well aware of it. It*s full of beautiful cities, rivers, forests, and great views, and Tarun Singh Rawat is very well aware of it. The media generated by JSR Production Houseusually highlights the state*s grand scenic and aesthetic value. "MussoriieBoyz", the house*s upcoming movie, directed by Hriday V Shetty and the director of Photography Farooque Khan, would be the proof.

Communication Is The Key To Success

As a Producer, Tarun Singh Rawat believes communication is the most crucial aspect of any commitment. It is almost an intrinsic need for humans to communicate and understand the different points of view. He is forging a pathway that leads to ultimate success while simultaneously solving problems or hurdles to reach the former. In his estimation, if the communication is crystal clear, people would be able to deliver the product effortlessly without compromising the quality or deadline.

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