The Best Cruise Ports in New Zealand

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With so much to offer about culture, history, and port excursions, the picturesque island of New Zealand is among the globe’s most visited destinations for the cruise. It is a blend of cultural immersion, fine wine, delicious food, adventure, action, and breathtaking views.

So if you have also heard about the attractive nature of this island and wish to visit the best cruise ports, you should first look for an NZeTA Cruise Ship. Whether you are a couple on honeymoon, a person traveling with their spouse and children, or a senior sailor, New Zealand has end number of ways to keep you entertained.

The ports can be easily accessible and the packages can suit all kinds of budgets. So now, these and the beautiful scenic views of the island combined are reason enough for a person to experience the finest cruise ports. If you are planning to make a visit to New Zealand anytime soon, then we have some recommendations regarding ports. In this article, we will be sharing some of the most incredible cruise ports in New Zealand that offer attractions that one cannot miss. So without delaying any further, let*s get started.


The most vibrant and the largest city in New Zealand offers impressive scenes through restaurants and cafes. If you are traveling with children, you can consider visiting the Sea Life Aquarium as well. Nonetheless, when it comes to enjoying the sea, Waitemata Harbour is the best place for scenic sailing, cruises, and jetboating.

Some of the most engaging activities here include tasting wines at the beautiful vineyards and passing through the caves that are home to glow worms. In fact, if you are a foodie, then you can also go for a walk by the local food area.


Picton is the best place for enjoying scenic walking trails since you can go exploring the Queen Charlotte Track and the vineyards of Marlborough. On the other hand, if you wish to spend time exploring the aquatic life, you can go kayaking or on a cruise on Queen Charlotte Sound. Here, you will get to spot seabirds, seals, and dolphins.


If you are looking for one of the most astonishing cruise ports in New Zealand, you must consider adding Gisborne to your itinerary. The Gisborne Wine Centre provides an opportunity to go wine tasting where the ship goes in. You can also experience feeding wild stingrays by hands at a local beach by the waters that surround Gisborne.


The wildlife excursions to the Otago Peninsula provide the opportunity to see albatross, seals, and penguins. For a shore expedition, you can go to Larnach Castle or Olveston House. Apart from this, the people who love scenic views and train rides must consider visiting Taieri Gorge. Eventually, for a refreshing afternoon, you may consider visiting Speight*s Brewery for a chilled beer and a pub lunch.


Akaroa is an astonishing place related to French explorers. This is why the cemetery, pastries, and names are all in French. A cruise on Akaroa*s bay will make you encounter dolphins, fur seals, and even penguins. Also, if you wish to enjoy the scenic beauty of the landscapes, then you can go by train to the Southern Alps or a coach to the Banks Peninsula.


The village-style and beach suburban area of Mount Maunganui is a major attraction, where a cruise would anchor beneath a stunning headland that is encircled by a 4-kilometer-long walking path. Several visitors tend to opt for a shore expedition to Rotorua, which is popularly known for its mud pools, thermal springs, and Maori culture.


In spite of its stunted size, the capital of New Zealand is a joyous place with an exceptional exhibition of watery vistas, cafes, and cultural destinations. When it comes to going for shore outings, the major ones include Te Papa Museum and cable-car train rides, where anybody could be enticed to go for a tour behind the settings.

What*s more, if you are a fan of Lord of the Rings, then this is a must-visit place for you on your visit to the island. You can take a tour of the backdrops of the same along with Christchurch delights.

Fiordland National Park

Even though there does not exist a port here, people can go ashore for overnight expeditions to the area of Queenstown. This national park is amazing for picturesque sail-throughs that permit travelers to experience the wonderful landscapes of the snowy Southern Alps, waterfalls, and high cliffs. All this can be viewed from the deck of a ship in Milford Sound.

The Bottom Line

Being an island, New Zealand offers an extensive range of ports where you can go for excursions. Whether you wish to witness creatures, like penguins and dolphins, or are more inclined toward the scenic views, this is the perfect island for a tour.

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