The inspiring journey of Chintan Bhikhubhai Kankad, endearingly known as Prem Kumar

08 December,2022 05:55 PM IST |  Mumbai  |  BrandMedia

Chintan Bhikhubhai Kankad, Founder of Aradhana Fashion

India, 8th December 2022: With humble beginnings, The story of the Aradhana*s founder, Chintan Bhikhubhai Kankad is not only inspiring but also heart-touching. A perfect example of hard work and success, Chintan Bhikhubhai Kankad also known as Prem Kumar always dreamt of making movies since he was in 8th standard. Fascinated by the art of filmmaking, Prem Kumar was always intrigued by how the camera pans, the way scenes change, the thrilling jump cuts, and the breathtaking long shots.

In 2016, at the age of 18, Prem Kumar produced the Gujrati movie "Koi Aane Parnavo" under the banner Prem Kumar Productions. His debut as a producer was a result of a constant struggle to finance the movie with his limited knowledge of the film industry.

Before entering the world of Indian cinema, Prem Kumar juggled his studies and work since the age of 12 to make ends meet. His humble background also forced him to pursue an engineering degree. Post completing his Civil Engineering degree, Prem followed the entrepreneurial journey that he harbored since childhood. He was always inspired by the diamond merchants of Surat and today he runs four businesses: Aradhana Fashion, Aradhana Glow Sign, Aradhana Physiotherapist, and Aradhana Jari.

Highlighting his journey so far, Prem Kumar said, "Launching Aradhana Fashion was a turning point for me. The company was initiated without any financial aid from friends and family. Today the company employs a workforce of above 450 and has a factory worth 10 crores, churning out a 50 crore-worth turnover."

Prem Kumar further added, "The textile business I own is the result of endless endeavors and conscious efforts to grow. I did not expect I will come so far. I dedicate this success to my family members who have backed me throughout. My family*s support has been instrumental in motivating me through the tough days and that is what keeps me going. I strongly believe that the success so far is just the beginning, miles to walk ahead, and many more industries to explore."

In addition to entrepreneurial and filmmaking interests, there is more to Prem. He is an avid traveler who is about to embark on his world tour. In addition to his work, Prem Kumar loves playing cricket and his expertise in the field has earned him the name " Jhony". Further, to push the limits of his capabilities, Prem has plans to explore several more vistas in the business world.

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