Taapsee Pannu: People say women empowerment bohot ho gaya

09 July,2022 07:03 AM IST |  Mumbai  |  Mohar Basu

Turning producer with Dhak Dhak and Blurr, Taapsee says she has to constantly fight the industry’s hesitancy to back female-led films


Juggling the two roles of actor-producer can*t possibly be easy. But Taapsee Pannu says the thought of turning producer was "brewing for a while," resulting in the launch of Outsiders Films. So, while the actor in her is focusing on Shabaash Mithu, she is equally excited about her upcoming productions - Blurr opposite Gulshan Devaiah, and the all-women movie, Dhak Dhak. The decision to take the next step stemmed from her personal experiences. She recounts, "For a few years [initially], there was a period when I was getting dropped from films because I was not a significant enough name. I kept hearing things like, ‘You suit the part, but you are not a name who people will take notice of.* It was important to change that first. I had to push back against the recommendations that came for other actors. Now, I am accepted in the industry. I have finally come to a place where if I like a film, it will be made. It will be mounted well and get a release. When I reached here, I decided to call the shots on the stories that I want to tell."

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Her production Blurr also stars Gulshan Devaiah

Through her production house, Pannu wants to back unheard stories. Her past offerings prove that she gravitates towards movies that narrate women*s experiences, batting for their empowerment. "There are times when people say, ‘Arey, women empowerment bohot ho gaya.* The subject apparently feels jaded to the world. But I want to keep telling these stories because women empowerment hasn*t been given enough weightage in our films. [The subject of] heroes taking revenge or men saving women doesn*t feel exploited, but women standing up for their rights feels overexposed," she exclaims.

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Walking down this road won*t be easy, especially when the industry is still hesitant about betting money on women-led movies. The new producer understands that she will have to play by a few of the rules, at least initially, to have her voice heard. "Heavy female-oriented [subjects] still don*t get the kind of budget they deserve, because there aren*t as many takers as there should be. So, I constantly choose stories that have an undercurrent of what I wish to say. I don*t want my audience to leave without hearing the thoughts I want to convey to them."

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