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05 July,2010 06:33 AM IST |   |  SHIVA DEVNATH

These pictures from Viveka's photo album indicate that Gautam Vora's 'we-are-just-friends' line is an eye-wash

These pictures from Viveka*s photo album indicate that Gautam Vora*s *we-are-just-friends* line is an eye-wash

Au00a0photo album of supermodel Viveka Babajee and Gautam Vora has rubbished the claim that they were "just friends".

This is what Babajee family*s representative, Dale Bhagwagar, said at a press conference yesterday.

"Data from her Gmail and Facebook accounts reveals photographs, emails and posts that indicate the proximity between Viveka and Vora as lovers," Bhagwagar said.

"Vora*s behaviour indicates there is more to the matter than what meets the eye," said Bhagwagar.

Babajee*s family claims that the fact that Vora is "lying and misguiding" the police and the media indicates he is hiding something.

"The family wants to know the last conversation he had with Viveka," said Bhagwagar.

The family said that a few days before she ended her life, Babajee was happy about having received a modelling assignment.

She was content with her relationship with Vora. Her last few Facebook messages indicated she was a happy and a strong girl, contradicting Vora*s claims that she was depressed.

Glimpses of the intimate pictures from private photo albums which Babajee*s family revealed to the media at a press conference held in Oshiwara yesterday. Babajee*s family said Gautam Vora should bring out the truth of his relationship with her.

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