New menu in Powai presents Punjabi food

Mid-day online correspondent

By Mid-day online correspondent
Published Sep 26, 2023

Kanak By Sherry Till: October 1; 12 pm to 7 pm Log on to: @kanakbysherry Call: 9920622379 (to pre-order) Cost: Rs 1,500 (approximate cost for two)

The new menu is called The Sharing Table: A story of Persia and Punjab which offers delicacies like jujeh kabab torsh, chenjeh kabab, zershk pulao, halwa omaj

With this menu, chef Mehta, who has two food ventures, Kanak by Sherry and A Girl from the Hills, intends to retrace Punjabi roots and track down Persian dishes


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For the past few years, Mehta has been researching Punjabi cuisine and discovered that Punjab enjoyed a long history dating back all the way to 100 BC

Mehta has collected research by speaking to residents of Lahore, Peshawar as well as Amritsar; the Indian and Pakistani sides of Punjab, Kapurthala

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