Health: 10 foods that can help soothe an upset stomach

Mar 14, 2017, 11:10 IST | mid-day online correspondent

We have listed 10 such food items that work as excellent alternatives to medicines for curing stomach infection

Health: 10 best foods to treat stomach upset

Cramps, bloating, gas, nausea and irregular bowel movement - all sums up to stomach upset. When you happen to be a victim of stomach upset, you simply run after medicines, especially antibiotics, to restrain yourself from running to the loo frequently. However, there are alternatives to regular medicines that give immediate relief from the irritation and its subsequent weakness. We have listed 10 such food items that work as excellent alternatives to medicines for curing stomach infection. Take a look:

1. Bananas: It is one of the best nausea-combating food item that one can have during stomach upset. Bananas are easy to digest and the fruit acts as a powerful food item that firms up stool. It contains pectin that naturally soothes irregular bowel movement or bowel disorder.

2. Bland rice: Stick to the easily digestible plain white rice during stomach infection. Bland rice eases diarrhoea and firms up irregular bowel movement. The starch in rice soothes the stomach, absorbs excess fluids from the body and firms up stool during frequent motion and stomach cramps.

Health: 10 best foods to treat stomach upset

3. Curd: Plain unsweetened yogurt is the only dairy product that acts as the best medicine to treat stomach infection. Unsweetened curd increases good bacteria in the curd, helps in digestion, reduces stomach cramps, and cools down the body from inside.

4. Herbal tea: Ginger tea, lemon tea, and mint tea are some herbal drinks that decrease stomach cramps, lower vomiting, ease nausea, improve digestion, and control frequent excretion. Next time you suffer from an unstable stomach and spend more time in the loo, sip lemon tea, green tea or peppermint tea for quick cure.

Health: 10 best foods to treat stomach upset

5. Boiled potatoes: Bland carbohydrates like potatoes improve the digestive system during stomach upset. Boiled potatoes lower vomiting tendency, take up excess fluid, and tightens stool. Add a pinch of salt and pepper to boiled potatoes for better taste. You can even mix it with white rice for best results.

6. Orange juice: Citrus fruits like orange controls indigestion and fix up stomach disorder. So, drink a glass of orange juice whenever you suffer from a troubling stomach. However, remember not to drink orange juice separately, because it might lead to acidity. Take it after a carbohydrate rich diet like rich or boiled potatoes to avoid discomfort and nausea.

7. Apples: Apples also contain pectin, like bananas, and therefore replenishes the body with essential nutrients lost during stomach infection. Rather than eating raw apples, you can boil the apple slices and consume it for better results.

Health: 10 best foods to treat stomach upset

8. Coriander seeds: Coriander is a traditional medicine for stomach infections. It has been found that coriander contains essential oils that heal the digestive system by controlling excessive excretion. Also, it is a good medicine to treat gas and indigestion.

9. Cardamom seeds: The spice contains oil that naturally sooths stomach and intestine. It is one of the best medicines for treating stomach diseases like ulcer, irritable bowel syndrome, cramps, and diarrhoea. To get relief from stomach upset, you can either consume the seeds alone, or add few seeds to a cup of lemon or ginger tea.

10. Fennel seeds: Half a teaspoon of fennel seeds releases gas and eases stomach cramps. It flushes of toxins from the body and brings the digestive system on track.

So, if you ever suffer from cramps and lose motion, just try these readily available food items for a quick recovery in the natural way

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