100 cops fined for travelling in coaches for handicapped

Jul 25, 2013, 03:01 IST | Vedika Chaubey

RPF officials also wrote to city police administration requesting it to stop its men from boarding compartments reserved for disabled persons

The latest action initiated by officials of Railway Protection Force (RPF) ensures that able-bodied commuters travelling in compartments reserved for handicapped travellers -- be itmembers of general public or men in khaki -- are reined in.

To ensure that the message is taken seriously, RPF officials recently wrote to high-ranking police functionaries, requesting them to restrict their personnel from travelling in these coaches.

Officials said that the letter seems to have worked wonders and the number of policemen travelling in handicapped compartments has come down by about 80 per cent.

Central Railway RPF initiated the drive against illegal travel in handicapped compartments from June. They were in for a rude shock on discovering that a lot of the offenders were policemen.

“We fined those who wished to pay on the spot and prosecuted the others. Since the initiation of the drive, the number of policemen travelling in reserved compartments has decreased to a great extent.

Credit must be given to our superiors for writing to the police administration,” an RPF inspector said, adding, “We were tired of receiving complaints from physically disabled passengers about cops travelling in coaches meant for them.”

RPF officials said most of the policemen booked for the misdemeanour preferred paying a fine on the spot than getting prosecuted. Officials claimed they obtained photocopies of the offenders’ ID cards and penalty receipts, and they plan to notify their departments of the misconduct. 

1,285 Number of passengers who have been prosecuted in July, including 29 policemen

Rs 2.95 lakh Amount collected in fines in July

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