113-year-old woman ties the knot with 70-year-old man

May 30, 2014, 04:48 IST | Agencies

Azatihan Sawuti said ‘yes’ to Aimti Ahemti in April after they met last year; she wooed him by passing over her portion of meat during meals 

London: A 113-year-old woman has married a 70-year-old man, six months after the pair fell in love at a nursing home in China.

Old couple
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The bride, Azatihan Sawuti, finally tied the knot with Aimti Ahemti, after initially rejecting his first proposal, during a ceremony at Bachu County in the western Xinjiang province.

The loving couple began their romance last year, and Aimti admitted one of the ways she wooed him was by handing over extra food.

A number of residents from the nursing home attended the low-key wedding last week. The bride wore a veil and the groom a hat as they sat at a table to share their vows.

After the wedding, Aimti said, “We are very happy together. I don’t care if she is much older than me. She takes good care of me, and gives me her portion of meat during meals.” 

They met in December 2013 and have been inseparable ever since. Aimti said Azatihan refused his first proposal, as she felt ashamed to get married at such an old age.

“I started to chase her, like a young man. Eventually, this April, Azatihan accepted my proposal,” he said.

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