12-year-old boy killed after collapsing on broken goalpost

Oct 19, 2013, 03:12 IST | Vineet Varma

Playing cricket turned tragic for Sunny Upadhyay, a Std VI student, when he tripped over a football goalpost in the middle of the playground; he immediately started vomiting blood and died later at KEM Hospital

Most parents expect their children to be bruised and scratchedwhile they have fun at playgrounds. But, for the Upadhyay family, a broken, rundown goalpost in the middle of the cricket field resulted in their 12-year-old son’s demise.

Endgame: The autopsy report stated Sunny Upadhyay (inset) died of excessive bleeding. Pic/Datta Kumbhar

On Thursday evening, Sunny Upadhyay, a Std VI student, went out to play cricket at the Sahakar Nagar ground in Wadala. Engrossed in his game, Sunny ran towards a broken goalpost that was lying in the middle of the park, and fell on it while trying to catch the ball. 

His friends Ashish Bagwe (16) and Akash Kale (18) rushed him to a nearby clinic. “Sunny was in a semi-conscious state and was vomiting a lot of blood when he was brought to my clinic,” said Doctor Vinod Shah, adding, “In such a condition, the best bet was to take him to a hospital.”

Following doctor’s orders, Sunny’s elder brother Suraj then rushed him to nearby KEM Hospital in Parel.

Efforts in vain
As soon as the boy was brought to the institute, he was admitted to the emergency ward. “Though the doctors at KEM tried their level best to save Sunny, they failed, as he had lost a lot of blood. He died within 10 minutes” said Pranay Patil, a family friend.

The autopsy also confirmed that excessive bleeding was the cause of death. Sunny’s demise came as a huge shock for the family, especially for his elder brother Suraj, who was closest to him. Sunny’s father Dinesh, who works as a driver, and mother Neetu were inconsolable, and weren’t in a state to speak.

A case of accidental death (ADR) has been registered at the RA Kidwai police station, under section 174 of the Criminal Procedure Code.  

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