14-year-old dazzles with his master strokes

Aug 22, 2013, 01:38 IST | Nigel Buthello

Joel Justna has won prestigious competitions like Doodle for Google in the past. He has done it again by winning gold in the Kala Children's Academy art contest with his mastery over oil paints on canvas

Sometimes youngsters can amaze you by manifesting such talent, and tenacity to perfect a creative pursuit that it can leave pros in the field dumbfounded.

Master strokes: Joel Justna won a competition held by Kala Children’s Academy, a government-registered national institute. The 14-year-old used oil pastel colours to paint perfect natural scenery

Many such budding sparks often go unnoticed. However, 14-year-old Joel Justna from Kharghar’s Ryan International School is one of those who has managed to create a buzz with his artwork.

Justna recently won a district-level art competition for which he was awarded a certificate and a trophy, but more than that he got recognition for something that takes up all his time after academics.

The competition was held by Kala Children’s academy, a government-registered national institute, and the boy used oil pastel colours to paint perfect natural scenery.

He said, “I love to paint and draw. Whenever I’m free, I pick up the paint brush and create something,” said Justna, whose father is a professional stained glass window artist.

Talking about following in his father’s footsteps, he said, “It depends on whether I can sustain this interest in painting till I grow up. As of now I wouldn’t mind entering my father’s business, but should I choose another career later I don’t think my father would mind.”

Justna’s school principal Alice Vaz is proud of his achievement. She said, “What’s interesting about Joel is that he gives his academics and art equal importance and knows how to balance his time.”

The 14-year-old has won prestigious competitions like Doodle for Google from Maharashtra in the past. After his victory, the website said that they hope that puts in a lot of hard work into his art so that his talent is duly appreciated as he grows in his work. 

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