16-yr-old bullies use kidnapping threat to extort Rs 7,000 from 9-yr-old

Sep 02, 2015, 08:25 IST | Samiullah Khan

Duo, who were ex-students of Dindoshi convent school, would wait outside for Std VI student to emerge; had managed to get Rs 7,000 from him over a 15-day span

Two 16-year-olds took bullying to a whole new level by threatening to kidnap a 9-year-old son of a diamond trader if he did not give them money.

Representation pic/Thinkstock
Representation pic/Thinkstock

They managed to make the kid fork out Rs 7,000 in 15 days before he finally spilled the beans on Monday, leading to their arrest. The accused are ex-students of a Dindoshi convent school and would wait outside the school gate for the Std VI student to emerge.

The victim, who had been threatened that he would be kidnapped, thrashed and locked in the school bathroom, had given them all his savings from his piggy bank and would approach a different member of his extended family every day to get money to give the bullies, saying he needed it for school projects. He had not told his family members because the accused had allegedly threatened to beat him up if he did so.

The incident came to light on Monday evening, when the 9-year-old returned home from school. He was scared and family members noted that his behaviour was odd. When his mother asked him what was wrong, he did not say anything.

His grandfather then asked him to speak without fear and that was when he revealed that he was being bullied by two ex-students of his school. He said that over the course of 15 days, he had given the 16-year-olds Rs 7,000 and they were demanding Rs 2,000 more.

He said he had been told that if he failed to arrange the money, they would kidnap him and lock him up in the school bathroom. The victim’s family informed the Dindoshi police and a case was filed. The two accused were arrested yesterday and sent to a juvenile home.

Tip of iceberg?
The police have informed that the accused and the victim are residents of Dhananjiwadi in Malad East. They said that after taking money from the victim, the 16-year-olds used to spend it on watching movies and roaming around in the city.

Police are now trying to find out whether the accused have bullied and duped any other students from the school. Senior Inspector Avinash Sawant of Dindoshi police station said, “We arrested two accused in the case and sent them to juvenile custody.

We are also investigating whether any other students had fallen into their trap.” The police have also asked the school to increase security within and outside it during school hours.

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