17-yr-old complains of stomach pain, dies 30 minutes later

Oct 04, 2013, 00:15 IST | Saurabh Vaktania

Death crept up on a perfectly healthy college girl unannounced -- she died minutes after complaining of stomach ache and breathlessness; family, neighbours and police shocked

The abruptness of the death of a 17-year-old college girl from Borivli has mystified her family and neighbours. She died within half an hour of complaining of stomach pain and shortness of breath. The autopsy report established the cause of death to be pneumonia.

Yesterday, Pinky Sahani, a Std XII Commerce student of a suburban college, died in half an hour, after returning from college. She lived with her brothers and parents at building number 1, Exer Dongari, Borivli (W).

“She was the only daughter and therefore, the most loved by everyone in the family. She was also very good at studies. We still don’t understand what caused her death -- it happened within minutes. She also does not have any medical history; she was fit,” a family member said.

“Like every other day, she went to college in the afternoon. She would usually not eat at college, but wait till she got back home. At 5 pm, she returned and went to meet her college friend on the second floor. She came back and was resting, but soon, she complained of pain in her stomach and was unable to speak. I made her some lemonade, but she was in a lot of pain,” Pinky’s mother said.

Gesturing, Pinky conveyed to her mother to take her to hospital. “Since the lift was downstairs, a neighbour carried her down five floors. We got into an auto and rushed to Mandapeshwar Hospital, where doctors started treatment immediately. She was trying to speak, but could not, and within minutes, she died,” the mother said.

Then, overcoming the catch in her voice, she added, “I still don’t know what she was trying to say. She couldn’t speak right up till the end. How will I know what she wanted to say?”

“We have lost our girl. We do not suspect anybody. But how could she have died within moments, without any medical history? It’s very unsettling,” a relative said.

Police have registered an accidental death report in the matter. Senior Inspector Narayan Khaire of Borivli police station said, “The post-mortem was conducted at Bhagwati Hospital, where the cause of death was concluded to be pneumonia.” He added, “We are also shocked how such a young girl died within minutes.” 

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