2-month-old foetus found in Mumbai sewer

Jun 27, 2013, 23:01 IST | A Correspondent

Foetus slid out into the drain in Powai when the 40-year-old mother was answering nature's call

The corpse of two-month old foetus was found in a gutter in Mumbai’s Powai suburb on Thursday. 

Apparently, the local residents spotted the foetus around 2pm in the afternoon and informed the Powai police.

After an investigation, the police uncovered the identity of the mother, who was a 40-year-old woman living in the nearby Tunga village chawl with her husband and three children.

"The foetus is believed to have slid out when she went to answer nature's call at around 8am and was flushed down the toilet. It was later spotted in the gutter by the people of the area," senior inspector, Y L Jadhav, Powai police station, told MiD DAY.

The woman apparently not even aware of the tragic incident until the police notified her. "Since the gutter was very close to their house, we asked them about it. The lady said that she was pregnant but did not realise that the foetus had slid out," said Jadhav.

The foetus was taken to Ghatkopar’s Rajawadi Hospital where it was declared dead on arrival and a post mortem conducted.

The police officials are currently investigating to ascertain whether it was a miscarriage. The police are waiting for the post mortem report and the DNA report to ensure the baby's parentage.

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