20-yr-old killed, buried in salt

Published: Oct 20, 2011, 08:44 IST | Saurabh Vaktania |

Dahisar resident was kidnapped and murdered over a family feud; contract killers were paid Rs 4 lakh by his distant relatives for the job

Dahisar resident was kidnapped and murdered over a family feud; contract killers were paid Rs 4 lakh by his distant relatives for the job

Family feuds can last for generations and in some cases even lead to murder.

And in the case of 20-year-old Kaushik Jalawadia, it resulted in the latter.

Hunt is on: Dahisar police officials continue to search for the body of
Kaushik Jalawadia (above) who was killed on Monday and whose body
was dumped in Sanjay Gandhi National Park

According to investigating officials, Jalawadia, a resident of Anand Nagar, Dahisar (E) was killed by contract killers and his body was dumped in the jungles of Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Borivli.

Family feud
The Dahisar police said that the murder was the result of a family feud that occurred three years ago during the wedding of Jalawadia's brother Bhavesh in Saurashtra. During the ceremony, Jalawadia's distant relative Bharat Nisar slipped and fell into a well resulting in his death.

The Jalawadias registered a case of accidental death, but Nisar's family suspected foul play.

"The incident infuriated the Nisars so much that they decided to avenge their loss. Hence Nisar's siblings Nitin, Yogini and his brother in-law Khajjappa Nagappa Ghar alias Raju hatched a plan to kill Jalawadia," said an official.

Revenge killing
The accused hatched an elaborate plan to murder Jalawadia. First, Raju befriended him, and after gaining Jalawadia's trust, Raju borrowed Rs 1,000 from him. Then on October 17 Raju called him to Aarey Colony in Malad on the pretext of paying him back.

Cops told MiD DAY that as the victim arrived at the spot, he was kidnapped by hired killers, Sunil Jadia, Raju Kalia and Don aka Laxman, who were paid Rs 4 lakh by Nisar's relatives.

"Jalawadia was strangulated inside a car and then his body was taken to Sanjay Gandhi National Park where the contract killers handed his body to two tribals named Naresh and Anil. The killers also gave the tribals 20 kg of salt to help in the decomposition of the body," said Senior PI Ansar Pirjade, Dahisar police station.
First breakthrough
Investigating officials said that the family members approached them on Tuesday reporting their son missing. "The first breakthrough in trying to find him was in the form of an SMS that Jalawadia sent to his friends. In the message, that he sent minutes before his death, he wrote that he was with Raju and if anything happened to him, that Raju should be blamed," said Assistant Commissioner of Police Sunil Deshmukh.

Deshmukh added that at least a dozen people were involved in the crime but they had arrested Raju as of now. Additionally, they were still searching for Jalawadia's body.

20 kg
The amount of salt given by the contract killers to the tribals to decompose the body of Kaushik Jalawadia

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