2014 FIFA World Cup: Brazil's race against time

Mar 04, 2014, 08:26 IST | AFP

With just 100 days left for the much-awaited FIFA World Cup, let's get a status check of the 12 venues in Brazil that will play host to all the matches...

Sao Paulo
The Corinthians Arena that was left damaged after a crane fell across part of the metallic structure back in November. Pics/AFP, Getty Images
The Corinthians Arena that was left damaged after a crane fell across part of the metallic structure back in November. Pics/AFP, Getty Images

The Corinthians Arena was all but complete when a crane fell on part of the stands and killed two construction workers in late November, meaning delivery has been put back to mid-April.
> Progress: 97 percent complete till Jan
> Estimated inauguration date: April 15
> Capacity: 69,160
> Cost: 820 million reais (USD 340 million)
> The Corinthians Arena will host six matches

Works in progress


FIFA confirmed the Arena da Baixada on February 18 after threatening to pull the venue from the list. FIFA now expects the stadium to be ready a month before kickoff. The number of construction workers has been boosted from 980 to 1,380; work on the roof and access to the dressing rooms is being finished off, 15,000 seats are now in position in the 43,000-capacity ground.
> Progress: 90 percent complete
> Estimated inauguration date: May 15
> Capacity: 43,000
> Cost: 320 million reais (USD 130 million)
> The Arena da Baixada will host four matches


Work at the Arena Pantanal was due to be finished by the end of October 3, but work continues on the floodlighting, the seats and the roof cover. The pitch has been laid.
> Progress: 95 percent complete by end February
> Estimated inauguration date: mid-March
> Capacity: 44,000
> Cost: 570 million reais (USD 238 million)
> The Arena Pantanal will host four matches


The Dunas Arena was inaugurated on January 22.
> Capacity: 42,000
> Cost: 400 million reais (USD 166.6 million)

Rio de Janeiro
After being shut for almost three years for renovations, Rio's iconic Maracana reopened in time for last June's Confederations Cup.
> Capacity: 78,838
> Cost: 1.403 billion reais (USD 584 million)

The Mane Garrincha National Stadium was inaugurated at last year's Confederations Cup. Initial problems with the pitch have been dealt with though a leaky roof caused embarrassment in December.
> Capacity: 72,000
> Cost: 1.403 billion reais (USD 584 million)

Belo Horizonte
The Mineirao Stadium spent three years being refurbished then hosted last year's Copa Libertadores final.
> Capacity: 62,160
> Cost: 695 million reais (USD 290 million)

The Castelao Stadium was the first to be completed (Dec '12)
> Capacity: 63,903
> Cost: 518.6 million reaIs (USD 216 million)

The Arena Pernambuco was ready in time for the Confederations Cup and will host five World Cup games.
> Capacity: 46,000
> Cost: 532.6 million reais (USD 222 million)

The Fonte Nova Arena will host six matches.
> Capacity: 55,000
> Cost: 689.4 million reais (USD 287 million)

Nearly there


The Amazonia Arena, which will notably host a group phase match between Italy and England, is finished and March 9 will see its inauguration with a first test event.
> Progress: Complete
> Estimated inauguration date: March 9
> Capacity: 44,000
> Cost: 670 million reais (USD 279 million)
> The Amazonia Arena will host four matches

Porto Alegre
Porto Alegre

Renovation of the Beira-Rio Stadium, home to Internacional, is 97 percent complete. President Dilma Rousseff has already hosted a symbolic inauguration and a first test event before a 10,000 crowd already been held, though urban works in the vicinity have to be finished.
> Progress: 97 percent complete until February
> Estimated official inauguration date: April 6
> Capacity: 49,989
> Cost: 330 million reais (USD 137.5 million)
> The Beira-Rio Stadium will host four matches

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