2014 Rewind: 10 outrageous Hindi song lyrics that will make you cringe

Updated: Dec 11, 2014, 09:56 IST | Sanat Mehra |

Hindi film songs might be hitting the high notes as usual, but 2014 certainly witnessed a rise in lyrics with double entendre and ilk. We tune in to some of them

There's no denying that some Bollywood songs push the boundaries — metaphorically and figuratively — when you think of suggestive songs. And in an ideal world, these tracks would have come with parental advisory warning. After all, the lyricists appear hellbent on seeking inspiration from alcoholism and sexual innuendos. Though the Censor Board filters out words and lines, even before the film is released, the songs are already viral on the net. hitlist points out a few such numbers and you can decide whether the audience has changed or has the lyrics depraved?

'Engine Ki Seeti'
Film: 'Khoobsurat'
Lyrics: Engine ki seeti mein mharo bum dole; Dauda dauda re driver chal mat haule...
Lowdown: When poetry is smitten with metaphors, we get the everlasting joy of digging away at the crust, discovering a new meaning with every listen. However, the fact that the lyricist felt the need to change the word mann (heart) to bum, from the original "Angan ki seeti mein maro mann dole", there is something to be worried about.

'Char Bottle Vodka'
Film: 'Ragini MMS 2'
Lyrics: Pet bhar ke jitni bhi pee lo; Kisi ki bandi ko bhi hello, hello baby, how do you do?
Lowdown: Here Honey Singh decides to play the role of a dating therapist.

Char Bottle Vodka
'Char Bottle Vodka' has even school-going kids dancing to its beat

Let us help him get his point across a little better: If you go to a pub and see a beautiful girl at the other end, chances are that you would be hesitant to approach her when you are sane; all you have to do is drink a lot and then you wouldn't be able to differentiate between a pleasant advance and overt flirting.

'Poori Night Besharmi Ki Height'
Film: 'Main Tera Hero'
Lyrics: Sari ki sari, hain jo khumari; Aa dono peele lamhe nasheele; Karein humko ye bada excite; Ho saari night besharmi ki height; Aur ho dim dim ye light...
Lowdown: The dimming of a light bulb in Bollywood is directly proportionate to the fulfilling of one's desire: Whatever happened to electricity cuts?

Poori Night Besharmi Ki Height
'Poori night besharmi' from 'Main Tera Hero' raised highbrows

Once the lights are dim, we are all reaching the heights of guilt, but that is what excitement is all about — according to this lyricist.

Film: 'The Shaukeens'
Lyrics: Daaru ko main dudhu ki tarah pee jaaun; Apni peeun tabhi to mota peg banaaun. Peg banaaun kabhi naap ke nahin; Apni peeun kisi ke baap ki nahin...
Lowdown: While we can forgive the man who invented milk or what he was thinking, can we really forgive the advertisers of liquor for milking the beauty out of the joy of rhymes?

Alcoholic (above) from The Shaukeens highlighted the darker side of drinking problems
'Alcoholic' from 'The Shaukeens' highlighted the darker side of drinking problems 

It is great to pay for your own alcohol, but to dedicate an entire song to the same is the "Besharmi Ki Height".

'Manali Trance'
Film: 'The Shaukeens'

Lyrics: Rani mere saath maal phook phook le; Thaamu teri kamar dhuein ke phir ghoont le; Saanson se chadhegi tu kash toh laga le yaari; Dum bole dum ka aa mazaa loot le...
Lowdown: When alcohol gets boring; when teaching how to drink alcohol gets boring; when discussing how much you drink before you can reach your limit also gets boring then, the best thing to do is shift focus to marijuana.

Manali Trance
'Manali Trance' is not the modern-day version of 'Dum Maro Dum', but it is surely more bizarre  

Oh yes, not marijuana grown anywhere, bur marijuana from Manali! Yes, it gets worse only.

'Maa Ka Phone'
Film: 'Khoobsurat'
Lyrics: Maa ka phone aaya; Maa ka teri
Lowdown: Let's try to imagine what the lead, sent to the lyricist of this song, read: "We want a song that caters to a Hindi-speaking audience that does not think twice before using the popular slang Teri Maa Ki and other alternatives of the same.

Maa Ka Phone
'Maa Ka Phone' upgraded 'Maa Ki Aankh' gimmick  

We want a song that brings this word to mind without its obvious mention. The rest we leave to your poetic justice."

'Butt Patlo'
Film: 'O Teri'
Lyrics: You got me going crazy with your Butt Patlo. Round and round; your butt is going round.
Lowdown: To this lyricist butts are synonymous with one of those rotating spits that we see in a shawarma bar, where a block of meat revolves against a fire to soften.

Butt Patlo
'Butt Patlo' number has "Round and round; your butt is going round..." in its lyrics. Enough said  

Nevertheless, inspiration can be found in the silliest things, so why not at a shawarma bar?

Film: 'Youngistaan'
Lyrics: Tequila ho ya whisky ho, jo pee loon main daba ke to; Kharaabi honi hai...
Lowdown: A nice place to recite these lyrics would be at an elocution competition at a rehab that isn't in Gujarat.

'Good in Bed'
Film: 'Fugli'
Lyrics: I wanna whack whack it hot; when I shake it with you; And I wanna let you feel. Wanna give it to you…
Lowdown: What is the 'it' in the song is a question that only the lyricist can answer. It certainly must be something very Fugli, thus, the need to whack it.

Good in Bed
'Good in Bed...' well, the title says it all  

We know is that it is something that shakes and it is something that can be given to another person, male or female is questionable. Any guesses?

'Shake Your Bootiya'
Film: 'Finding Fanny'
Lyrics: O Faniya.. O Faniya..Hey.. Shake your bootiya on the floor
Lowdown: The bum fetish continued this year into yet another film. This time too the lyricist shows signs of a writer's block, but he ensures that does not stop the bum from being in motion.

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