2014 Rewind: 'Shot in the dark' stories that grabbed headlines

Updated: Dec 13, 2014, 10:03 IST | The Hitlist Team |

In 2014 there were some stories in B-Town that were nothing but high on entertainment quotient. If only we could reveal names of those involved! We revisit them hoping you could decipher the code...

As a tabloid, there are stories you publish and then there are stories you wish you could publish. In case of the latter, we write what we construe as rumours based on real-life events without naming the individuals featured in it. The purpose is served though.


Guess whoOf course, such shot-in-the-dark snippets are meant to avoid controversies and legal hassles. But for good or for bad, our pieces keep the industry — not just our readers — speculating. As a walk down the memory lane, hitlist reproduces 10 of its most happening shot in the darks which were the talking points of the year.

We hope your guess is as good as ours.

A starry hush-hush affair
January 9
Lowdown: For this superstar and young actress couple, love has blossomed under the shroud of secrecy. He is known for his weakness for beautiful women and she’s tipped with the promise of a bright future in the industry. It’d be interesting to note where the two end up as in the near future. After the A-lister actor is not expected to settle down anytime soon. Read the full story

Star paid hefty sum to channel to dump footage
January 30
Lowdown: He doesn’t have any projects in hand and has in fact, been in the news only for his liaisons with an actress he met recently. Although the two haven’t admitted to their relationship, the two have been spotted together on several occasions. A TV channel is believed to have acquired sensitive footage of the two together leading to some secret deal between him and the channel. Read the full story

Actress installs cameras in hubby's office
February 14
Lowdown: Apparently, the filmmaker who is married to an actress is besotted with one of the many newbies he has launched lately. He is constantly hankering after the attention of this one-film-old actress and is always trying his best to impress her in different ways. When another actress in his life — his wife — learnt about this development, she decided to take immediate action. To avoid any sort of turbulence in her married life and to keep a close eye on her husband’s activities, she has installed cameras — with his consent — in the filmmaker's office! Read the full story

No photographs, please!
March 19
Lowdown: If sources are to be believed, this superstar and his co-star — also a leading actress — were taking a walk at an unearthly hour on Juhu beach a few days ago. It was around 3am and the superstar realised that they were being photographed. Following which, the otherwise calm actor got caught hold of the concerned lensman and asked the latter to delete the photographs he had clicked. The poor shutterbug was left with no option to comply the demands. Read the full story

Trouble in paradise
May 1
Lowdown: This much-married film producer has fallen for a starlet leaving his wife seething with rage. This producer has been married to an actress for a while and it has now emerged that not all is well between them either. It is being said that the producer has found a new friend in a rookie actress and this has created an awkward love triangle. Read the full story

Caught in the heat of the moment
May 20
Lowdown: He is said to be going steady with a hot actress. Although she is not too successful on the professional front, she is popular for being a free bird. On top of that, she is currently single. There’s nothing common between the two, except that both have joyful disposition and a great sense of humour. Interestingly, the passionate duo was spotted in a lift in a compromising position when they had gone to attend an event abroad. Read the full story

Actor gets into a fight at the nightclub
August 22
Lowdown: This Bollywood star is said to be going through a rough patch on the professional front as he hasn’t delivered a hit film for a while now. Recently, he is said to have got into a fight with some people at a Mumbai nightclub. Finally, an irate guest seemed to have enough and he slapped the actor and an ugly scuffle broke out between the two. Read the full story

TV actress having an affair with her publicist
August 27
Lowdown: The small screen world is buzzing since the last few days about the alleged romp between a TV actress and her publicist. Ever since one of the unit hands of her daily historical drama happened to see her sex chats with her rep, a snapshot of the conversation between the two women has gone viral among the telly folk. Ooh la la. Read the full story

Actress is covering up her married boy friend
September 18
Lowdown: This star daughter recently landed in trouble when a stalker came knocking on her door. The stalker allegedly barged into her house and tried to strangle her. Somehow, she managed to fight him and push him out of her house. What’s interesting is that the actress chose to not approach the police. Instead, she just moved into another apartment. The actress apparently got worried that if the police were to look into the stalker case, they’d ask to take a look at the building’s CCTV footage, which would then blow the cover on her relationship with the actor. Read the full story

Actress lives with her biz partner and his wife
November 14
Lowdow: She got into a business partnership with a male friend — who very interestingly happens to be a former Miss world-turned-actress’ early boyfriend — and runs a production house with him. Buzz is that this actress-turned-producer has fallen for the partner and is staying under the same roof along with his wife. Intriguingly, Mrs has no problem with the arrangement. Ménage à trois of the smoothest kind, eh? Read the full story

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