26-yr-old embarks on new life, months after deadly accident

Jul 01, 2013, 07:59 IST | A correspondent

Six months after the youth came under the wheels of a truck, losing mobility below the waist, he is beginning to live normal life, thanks to doctors at Lifepoint hospital

When he met with a gruesome accident in December last year, 26-year-old Suraj Munjagade had lost movement waist downwards after his pelvis bone was crushed after coming under the rear wheels of a truck. After having multiple reconstructive surgeries, which also included anoplasty — reparative surgery of the anus — and skin grafting, Suraj is now walking, thanks to the doctors at Lifepoint hospital. 

“I was returning from my brother’s birthday party when I met with an accident, and all I remember is that some one took me to the hospital. I heard doctors saying that my body below the waist is damaged. I can now start working on the new life given back to me by the doctors,” said Suraj, who was discharged from the hospital yesterday after undergoing the crucial anoplasty surgery. (He had earlier spend two months at the hospital after the accident and was discharged in February, but had to return for the anoplasty, which was carried out 10 days ago) 

To ensure Suraj would retain maximum function below his waist, a team of orthopaedics, plastic surgeon, neuron and general surgeons took 10 hours for the surgery and is believed to be the most extensive procedure performed.

Managing Director of Lifepoint hospital Dr Jagdish Jadhav, one of the surgeons who carried out the operation, said, “When Suraj was brought to the hospital, he was in a bad condition. His pelvis bone was totally damaged, and the skin below his waist was torn off. Also, his internal organs below the stomach were damaged.”

A team of orthopaedics then collected the broken pelvis bones and started assembling it, putting it together with the help of rods and plates. “The broken bones were the first issue we decided to deal with. While the orthopaedic surgeon carried out the surgery, the other team of doctors were engaged in preventing blood loss. Nearly 10 to 12 units of blood were used during the surgery. After the surgery to fix the broken bones using plates concluded, surgeons took charge of grafting the skin below the waist. Since the lower body was in such bad shape, we had to create a temporary pouch for collection of excreta in the stomach,” Jadhav added.

After the surgery Suraj was then kept on the ventilator for 10 days. After showing signs of recovery, he was shifted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), and after 15 days he was transferred to the general ward. “It took the patient around one-and-a-half month to recover properly. As the last step in the procedure, we carried out the anoplasty 10 days ago,” said Jadhav.

According to the doctors, Suraj will have complete recovery after a few months and would be able to lead a normal life, stating his recovery was really remarkable considering the extent of his injuries.

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