3.04 lakh added to voters' list in Pune since Lok Sabha polls

Jul 22, 2014, 05:04 IST | Priyankka Deshpande

The district election department has send circulars to all voters, along with a copy of form 6 to update the voters’ list and encourage voting

Considering the fact that the District Administration was held responsible for poor handling of the voters’ registration list during the Lok Sabha elections, the district election department, while taking precautionary steps is sending out notices along with form 6 (for registering names in voters’ list) to the voters across the district.

The notices have been sent to ensure the registration of the voters for the upcoming assembly polls. Form 6 was provided for unregistered voters. According to the sources in the district election department, it was the first time a notice of this sort was sent, to show that the department is taking the necessary steps to avoid any hassle and to boost voters’ registration in the upcoming state assembly elections.

“So far, we’ve sent notices to 1.53 lakh voters whose names were deleted from the voters’ list during Lok Sabha elections. The notices were also sent to those whose names were deleted during the time period of last two years and haven’t yet registered themselves,” said Seema Holkar, Tehsildar (Pune district Collectorate). She added that a similar initiative is being carried out at Thane, Mumbai city and Mumbai suburb to avoid repetition of the incident.

In a special drive conducted by the district administration post Lok Sabha elections, as many as 3.04 lakh voters registered their names in the voters’ list. Thus the total number of voters in Pune is 68.65 lakh. “We have updated the info regarding the registered voters on Election Commision of India’s (ECI) website (www.eci.nic.in ), where they can confirm their names on the voters’ list”, said Holkar.

So far, the district administration has updated the names of 2.61 lakh voters on ECI website. However, the district administration has to make provisions of surplus voting centers during state assembly elections due to increased number of voters in the district.

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