3 held while robbing building material to build own house

Jan 10, 2014, 07:24 IST | Dheeraj Bengrut

The accused were caught red-handed by the construction site watchmen while they were loading bricks, iron rods and cement bags in their tempo

Kondhwa police have arrested three men for stealing building materials from a construction site so that they could build a small room at their village.

The site watchmen spotted the three accused loading stolen bricks, cement bags, iron rods and other materials into a tempo, and nabbed them before informing the police.

In the dock: The three arrested accused; (below) the tempo in which they loaded the building construction material. Pics/Rohan Vanne

The incident took place in Undri at around 3 am yesterday. The accused persons have been identified as Ambadas Kisan Zombade (65), Sunil Ambadas Zombade (25) and Ramesh Nagnath Magar (19), all residents of Muhammadwadi.

“The trio were caught by the watchmen at the construction site while they were loading their tempo with the construction materials. So the watchmen immediately informed us and all three of them were arrested. We have filed an FIR under sections 379 and 34 of the IPC, and further investigations are ongoing.” said assistant police inspector D K Kapare of Kondhwa police station.

MiD DAY managed to speak to one of the accused, Ambadas Zombade, who said, “We were taking away the material for our personal use at home. Construction work is going on at our place and we want to build a room and a toilet, so we were taking away this material from the construction site.”

All three of them do not have any earlier crime recorded against their names and according to the cops this may have been their first robbery attempt.

Meanwhile, complainant in the case site engineer Suresh Rambhau Shinde said, “There is an open space next to our construction site which is fortified with a compound wall. However, the accused used that open space to transfer the building materials over the wall into their tempo. They were caught after our watchmen spotted them.” 

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