3 Questions with Indiva band member Hamsika Iyer

Jul 23, 2013, 12:27 IST | Ruchika Kher

Singer explains how being an all-girls band has given her a sense of responsibility

1. How and when did you guys come together to form Indiva?
I have known Merlin (D’Souza) and Vivienne (Pocha) for a long time, and have worked extensively with Merlin on various projects. I also got an opportunity to work with Shruti Bhave at a concert and decided to rope her in when Merlin, Vivienne and I started discussing about forming our own band. Indiva was formed in November 2012.

2. There aren’t too many all-girls bands nowadays. Does this give you an edge?
It definitely gives us an edge and also a sense of responsibility because each song has a message. It’s a lovely feeling to express your emotions through music and make a difference to society.

3. Could you tell us something about the new album?
Our album is multi-lingual and it’s a blend of Jazz, Rock, Folk and Indian Classical (Hindustani and Carnatic). So, we have tried our best to infuse each of the above-mentioned styles without sounding forced. Our album has a world music sound and I hope everyone loves this as much as we have enjoyed creating this album. 

Indiva will perform and launch their new album at Blue Frog, today at 10 pm.

Who is Indiva?
Indiva is a band of women from different walks of life. The band performs in eight languages — English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Konkani, Kannada, Bengali and Swahili. The band’s repertoire includes up-tempo peppy songs and they speak about love, peace, happiness, freedom and everything in between.

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